US Military Regulations: The Perfect App For Veterans Day

US Military Regulations: The Perfect App For Veterans Day


Us Military Regulations iPhone App review
Today is veterans day in the USA so we decided to see what military apps were in the App Store aiming to help those serving in the armed forces.

I came across a really interesting app by Californian based app developer MEDL Mobile who have released U.S. Military Regulations.

Lieutenant Patterson serving in the US Army’s Special Projects Division submitted an idea to MEDL Mobiles app incubator.

The App Incubator allows normal everyday people the chance to pitch their ideas for android and iPhone apps and if they like the idea will pay the full development cost and give a share of the profits back to that person. Success stories include Rob Shoesmith’s agony aunt style application Problem Halved – we recently reported about Rob’s 10 night iPhone 5 experiment – and Shayne Faerber’s Mall Maps app to help plan your trip to the mall.

Lt. Patterson’s job requires frequent use of the regulations handbook, and he realized that he could finish his projects much faster if there was an easier way to access those regulations. Each digital handbook delivers virtually everything you’ll find in the standard printed version, and gives you instant access to many documents, articles, publications, forms and field manuals you’d need.

We caught up with Lieutenant Patterson who said when contacting MEDL Mobile he told them that ‘If this app can save just one soldier’s life it should be built’.

To mark veterans day US Military Regulations is currently FREE to download until Monday morning on the Appstore.


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