5 Most Common iPhone Problems (and How to Solve Them)

5 Most Common iPhone Problems (and How to Solve Them)



Everyone loves a smartphone, and the iPhone is the undeniable king of the market. For proof, you need only look at the advanced orders that pour in whenever Apple announces an iPhone upgrade, and the long lines of expectant fans/customers that wait impatiently outside their local shops for a chance to get their hands on the latest model. It’s a tech love story, and one that has been going on for years. But, as they say, “The course of true love doesn’t always run smooth,” and many iPhone users find that their new smartphone has a few unexpected bugs that need sorting out. But never fear, we’ve put together a list of five of the most common problems iPhone users face. Better yet, we’ve included some simple solutions to those problems.

Problem #1—Battery Drain and Overheating


Battery life and overheating have been common complaints for iPhone users, particularly following the iOS 6.1 update. Whether it’s a glitch in the software, or simply the addition of power hungry apps, many users have found that their iPhone’s battery tends to drain too quickly, and that the unit itself is now prone to overheating.

The Solution:

Two solutions present themselves for the problems of overheating and battery drain. The first is a hard reset. Simply hold down the ‘Power’ and ‘Lock’ buttons simultaneously until your smartphone restarts. If this fails to solve the problem, you can work around the issue by changing your iPhone’s settings. Simply go to Settings > Mail > Contacts and Calendars > Fetch New Data. Switch the setting to Off and select the Manual option on the prompt screen. This has helped to solve the problem for many iPhone users.


Problem #2 – Wi-Fi Connectivity

Some iPhone users have found that their new smartphones either won’t connect to certain Wi-Fi hotspots, or can’t manage to hold the connection. This problem is peculiar to the iPhone 5, and Apple has released the iOS 6.2 update to address the issue. Still, the problem persists for many users.

The Solution:

Try holding down the ‘Home’ and ‘Lock’ buttons simultaneously until your iPhone restarts. Oftentimes this will fix the connectivity issue, if only temporarily. If the trouble persists, it may be a hardware issue and you may need to contact Apple support for a replacement.


Problem #3 – Date and Time Updates


For most people, their iPhone is more than just a phone. It is also a clock and calendar. Unfortunately, many people have reported problems with their iPhone incorrectly updating date and time information. Some users are losing minutes and hours, while others are finding that their time and date info is off by days.

The Solution:

Try switching your iPhone’s update settings from automatic to manual. To do this, go to Settings > General > Date & Time. Simply follow the onscreen prompts to make the desired changes.


Problem #4 – ‘Home’ Button Not Working

This has been a recurring problem for many iPhone users. Either the ‘Home’ button was unresponsive from the start, or it became unresponsive through repeated use. If your iPhone is under warranty, the easy fix is to simply return it to the Apple store for repair of replacement. However, if you can’t replace or repair your iPhone, there is a possible solution.

The Solution:

To get around the problem of an unresponsive ‘Home’ button, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assisted Touch and turn this function on. You should see a small circle. When you tap this, you will be given access to ‘Home’, ‘Siri’, and ‘Favorites’. This will allow you to bypass the physical ‘Home’ button until you can replace or repair your iPhone.


Problem #5 – Data Storage


Your iPhone’s storage space can fill up faster than you might expect, and it’s often difficult to know exactly what is using up all of that space. Typically, it will be old documents, emails, and the Siri or Safari cache. In extreme circumstances, it might be the result of data corruption.

The Solution:

Assuming the problem is not the result of data corruption, the easy fix is to delete old messages and documents, and to clear your Safari Cache. You could also try a free app, like PhoneClean. This is a software app that runs on your PC. Simply plug your iPhone into your computer, run the app, and it will delete any junk files that are found. If your storage problem is the result of data corruption, you will need to reset your iPhone to factory defaults.

Yes, we all love our iPhones, and with good reason. But even the best technology shows imperfections. If you have been experiencing any of the problems we have discussed here, hopefully the solutions we have provided will help you resolve the issues and restore your confidence in your new iPhone.


Author Bio:

This is a guest post by Sarah Brooks from people search. She is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to brooks.sarah23@gmail.com.