Sync 7 Devices at once with HUB IT, the World’s Fastest All-in-One...

Sync 7 Devices at once with HUB IT, the World’s Fastest All-in-One Sync and Charge Station



One day there will be no batteries, no chargers, no wires to connect our devices to power sources.  All of our smartphones and tablets will be powered by solar energy and all we’ll need is a brief walk in the sunshine to have enough charge for a year.  However, until that glorious day arrives, you may want to check out HUB IT, a sleek, black, Italian-designed charging dock that covers all of your charging needs.

Eggtronic‘s shiny box has three retractable cables attached to it (Micro USB, Apple 30 pin, Apple Lightning) as well as four USB slots attached and five power cartridge that can link to the USB ports, covering everything from iPhones and iPads to Nintendo and PlayStation Controllers.  I love the fax that it is so neat and tidy and all of the wires just curl back into the box, meaning that your room becomes a tangle-free zone.

It’s doubtful that you ever need to charge seven devices all at once, but it’s nice to know that in cases of emergencies or if you ever felt the need to have a night-long Words With Friends session (rock and roll, guys!), you can breathe easy.

Igor Spinella, Eggtronic founder and CEO says that, “HUB IT is the result of more than two years of research and development efforts. Eggtronic is able to offer with HUB IT a unique and stylish solution for consumers looking to sync and charge multiple devices at once. The modularity ensure a customizable solution, for the maximum satisfaction  of each user. As we say, ‘Simply smart!’”

So, while we’re waiting for that aforementioned blessed day to arrive, when all of the oil tankers are melted down to make windmills and the gas stations become solar panel farms, I suggest you take the hassle and tangle out of charging with this neat little device.

HUB IT is available now in the U.S. only for $79.99 at, and


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