3 Ways Online Casinos Could Offer App Marketing Inspiration in 2020

3 Ways Online Casinos Could Offer App Marketing Inspiration in 2020


For many businesses, apps have become a fundamental way to provide services to clients and customers. However, with such a huge number of them now available on platforms like Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

Promoting apps and encouraging people to download them is not always easy, but one area which could prove to be a source of inspiration is the world of online casinos. The sector is in rude health at the moment, with Statista estimating that revenues from the global online gambling market could double in the next four years.

Sites offering casino gaming use promotions to great effect, and here are our thoughts on how you can look at them for guidance on improving marketing around your app in 2020.

1. Focus on specific features

Online casino sites use a range of deals to entice players into their services. As a specialized review and comparison site outlines, free spins offers for slot games are particularly common and they are often made available on specific titles. These may be brand new games that they want you to try or old favorites that offer a solid experience.

Such an idea could easily be adapted into your app marketing, as you could offer promotions either specifically for those who use your app or create deals to drive interest in some of your specific products and services.

2. Welcome deals

The size and scope of the online casino world at present means there are a huge number of providers competing against each other for new players. With that in mind, many sites tend to offer welcome promotions to ensure their members get off to a great start and sample a range of their services.

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Again, could you offer something similar? For example, there may be scope to provide a discount on a first purchase to those who download an app or offer other deals to give people a warm welcome to your services. Such a move could be a great way to draw customers into what you have to offer.

3. Seasonal promotions

As all of the above has already made clear, casinos use many promotions to great effect and another clever tactic they employ is to introduce offers at different times of the year. Seasonal promotions related to Christmas or other holidays can be a useful hook for deals and also allow sites to refresh their offerings and keep things interesting.

With that in mind, could your business plan out a calendar for the year ahead and take into account the key holidays that offer should be based around? Furthermore, can you look at data to see if there is a spike or reduction in-app downloads at specific times of the year and plan offers accordingly? You’ll want to give consumers the incentive to download/use your app at those times when they don’t seem to do this as much.

Drive interest in your services

Online casino sites have proven to be a huge success in recent decades, with their services and marketing strategies breathing new life into games that were once well and truly associated with offline play.

A key part of their success has been their use of promotions, and there is plenty that businesses could learn from the sector as they look to drive interest in their own products and services. The ideas above may prove useful as you consider how to get more people using your apps in the months ahead.


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