The Link Between Money Management and Pool Rummy

The Link Between Money Management and Pool Rummy


Pool rummy is a popular variation of the rummy card game. It is often played on top gaming sites like Khelplay Rummy. It is a series game where the cut off points are decided at the beginning of the game of Indian Rummy. Whoever reaches the cut off points first loses the game. There are many reasons why this game of rummy has a direct connection with money management skills. Here we have tried to explain in a few words exactly what we mean:

Need to Keep Check of Points/Money

In a pool rummy game, whoever makes the cut off points first is the loser. This means that each player must keep track of his points and make sure that they do not exceed the basic limit. This is quite similar to money management where the person needs to keep track of expenses. If the expenses exceed the affordability limit of the person, he needs to reassess his financial planning and look for methods to increase savings and reduce spending.

Managing Sets and Sequences/ Assets and Investment Simultaneously

A good player of online rummy not just has his eyes on sequences and sets. He also has a keen eye on the number of waste cards he holds. He is always trying to reduce points on the side while also picking cards that he needs to complete sequences. This is quite similar to a sharp financial brain that not just keeps track of assets but also takes efforts to increase investments. This attitude is what helps a financial brain grow more secure and a good rummy player win sooner.

Taking Risks

The reason why card games are most often referred to as a gamble is because a good deal of risk is always involved. This is also the case with most financial investments. If you wish to grow your funds real fast, you must be willing to take the requisite risks too. All good rummy players take risks by disposing cards that the opponent may need or by picking cards that may complete their sequences.

Making the Best Use of Jokers/ Bonuses

In life and in the game of rummy, bonuses don’t come too often. A good financial planner will always reinvest the bonus to earn a passive income. He will never ignore a chance opportunity and use it to his best advantage. This is the attitude that helps good rummy players win the game. He knows well how to use the joker cards to complete the sequences and sets or to reduce points. That is why each joker card takes a good rummy player closer to his victory.

Understanding When to Drop the Hand/ Stop the Investment

In the financial world, everyone is eager to grow his income and finances. They always check out different schemes for investing and growing their money. Some of these options hold less risk such as fixed deposits and provident fund. There are other options like mutual funds that hold a greater degree of risk. In such cases, an investor decides when he should withdraw from a scheme if the risk is high or the future is bleak. This is quite similar to a rummy player dropping his hand mid-way when he thinks his chances of winning are fewer than expected. While the points charged in a second drop is more than the first drop, a rummy player knows it is the wisest decision he can take.

Not Getting Overwhelmed by Victory/Profits

Be it a game of rummy or the financial world, winning and profiting is always a matter of luck. Just skills don’t reach you to the top. That is why a good rummy player never gets overwhelmed by victories. He maintains the same cool head in victory and in defeat. This is the same in case of a financial investor in profit and loss. A cool head and an ever-learning attitude help a person prosper in finances or in a game of rummy. The basic rules governing most of life’s philosophies seem to overlap.

So, if you wish to maintain your position in life or in rummy, make sure you know your moves and play by the rule.


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