3 Must Have Apps for Reading Books, News and Magazines on iPad

3 Must Have Apps for Reading Books, News and Magazines on iPad


3 Must Have Apps for Reading Books, News and Magazines on iPad
When it comes to exploring the iPad features to the fullest, we can’t deny the iPad apps. Most of the people prefer FREE apps because they have already spent most of their budget on buying the iPad and now they want the apps for FREE. Seriously, what if you buy an app from the store and after installing it you don’t like it? Isn’t it a waste of time and money? That’s why most of the people always go for free apps. They search, download and explore them … if they like them, they keep it otherwise they just uninstall it out of their iPad.

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to choose from thousands of apps offering the same features. For example last time I was searching for daily news app for my iPad and when I searched the store I found many apps and it was really quite difficult to select from these and you won’t believe that it took me about an hour to select a news app for my iPad. There are apps available for everything for websites, for blogs, for movies, for iPad magazines and everything we can think of and the tough job is to select the best out of these. So today I am going to share with you some must have apps, which are absolutely free.

1. Other Edition Newsstand: The Best Magazine iPad App Other Edition Newsstand - Other Edition

If you are a magazine lover than go for this app … because Other Edition offers you more than 55 magazines on your iPad on the same newsstand. You can easily maintain your library, bookmark your favourite articles and share videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Normally there are separate apps for every magazine, which makes your iPad screen messy and filled with apps. But with Other edition Newsstand for iPad you can access all your favourite magazines at one place. Currently they are offering around 55 magazines including V Magazine, Interview Magazine, The Room Magazine, S Magazine etc. They are continuously working on adding more titles to their newsstand. A must have app!

2. AP News: Get All The Latest News Straight To Your iPad AP News - The Associated Press

Ap News iPad App Review

If you like news, sports, politics, entertainment and you want to keep yourself updated 24/7 than you need to get your hands on AP News. It offers you the most updated news content from all over the web and you can find out about all the happenings going around in your town, in your school, in your country and every corner of the world. AP news also lets you customize your news the way you like them. You can select from different categories like entertainment, finance, sports, movies, music, politics etc and leave the remaining task to AP News. It will keep you updated about your favourite news. Another must have app!

3. iBooks: The Ultimate iPad Reading App iBooks - Apple®

iBooks iPad App Review

The third must have app is the well-known iBooks. It doesn’t need any intro but still let me tell you some of its features. I myself don’t like reading books on iPhone and MAC’s but on iPad … I just love reading books. iPad gives you a rich and vivid experience while reading books. The dictionary and bookmarking make it more useful and reliable. Well the app is FREE but the books are not … some of the books are free or you can read the sample of the book before you buy it from the store.

The best thing to explore and enjoy the features of these must have apps is to download and discover them by yourself.

Taimur Shehzad is a Blogger and Internet Marketer and also the founder of Xyber Bites (A Techno-Entertainment Blog) which covers technology, entertainment and internet. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter or contact him directly.

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