5 Best iPad Apps For DJing

5 Best iPad Apps For DJing


Since the iPad has become a set piece in many DJs equipment, we thought that it might be about time to look at which apps are the best for DJing. Seeing as the iPad is a relatively new device, there aren’t too many contenders for the top spot, however there are enough for you to be picky about which ones you should go for, especially as most of them are pretty expensive. So, here’s our list of the 5 best iPad apps for DJing!

1. Looptastic HD: Be The DJ – $14.99, Sound Trends LLC Looptastic HD - Sound Trends LLC

looptastic ipad app review

This is probably the most essential app for iPad DJing live, seeing as you can create non-stop remixes by using drag and drop loops, record your set and mix tracks with a DJ-style mixer. If you have it running on two separate iPads, you can mix even more tracks for a fuller sound. Oh, it also has a Chaos Pad function for some ridiculously cool effects.

2. Mixr: For the Pros

mixr ipad app review

This app is aimed specifically at DJs who know what they are doing, however it is still fairly accessible to newbies. You can twist and scratch the electronic vinylby touching the screen, just like you would on a regular turntable and can manipulate the reside EQ and other effects that give a really crisp sound and a fairly user-friendly interface due to its drag and drop selection. By beat matching and cueing up the next track, you can offer your audience a non-stop set full of hits!

3. djay – $19.99, Seller: algoriddim GmbH djay - algoriddim

The most expensive on the list, djay clocks in at 20 bucks, however you will be pleased to have gone the extra mile when you play your first set at a friend’s party! By integrating with your iPod library, you can play any track that you own and mix even the most unlikely of tunes together. My favourite feature is the Automix mode, which lets djay mix a chosen playlist from your library…now that’s magic!

4. Groovemaker House – $9.99, Seller: IK Multimedia US, LLC GrooveMaker House for iPad - IK Multimedia

If you are heavily into electronic music, dance and hip-hop then look no further than Groovemaker House; you can play with the 300+ loops at your disposal and create almost infinite new mixes that are truly unique and diverse. By playing in real-time, you are constantly in control of what is playing, allowing you to loop, add and remove tracks with the swipe of your hand. A lot of iPad DJs recommend Groovemaker House as a great place to start if you are looking to play live dance sets on your iPad, seeing as the plethora of tracks and grooves allows you complete creative control and can translate the sound in your head to what comes out of your speakers.

5. ToneTable – $7.99, Seller: Inklen Ltd Tonetable - Inklen Ltd

ToneTable is a cool DJ app for intimate live gigs, although it is not particularly recommended for live venues, seeing as the scratching is limited to only basic delay moves. However, for those of you who want to integrate your digital vinyl system, then TonePad is an affordable app that will save you hundreds of dollars in osteopath bills from not lugging your record collection form gig to gig! Similar to the other DJ apps, you can control the pitch, control tone and switch from 33 to 45 RPM; the childlike interface may get some people a little peeved, but I kind of like it! Anyone with Serato set up on their decks should consider integrating this app into their set, as it is compatible with Serato’s Scratch Live™, Native Instruments’ Traktor Scratch™, M-Audio’s Torq™, Image-Line’s Deckadance™ and lots of other digital vinyl equipment.

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