3 Essential Hands-Free Accessories

3 Essential Hands-Free Accessories


3 Essential Hands-Free Accessories

Even if you find it a little disconcerting to watch someone walk down the street, seemingly talking to themselves, only to discover that they are jabbering into a tiny headset, there’s no doubting that hands-free kits are undeniably useful, essential even, in today’s fast-paced world. Whether you’re in a car and want to talk on the phone without endangering you or other road users by using a handset, or you simply want to be able to move freely around whilst having a conversation, here are 3 ultimate hands-free accessories that will give you more freedom when on the phone.

Jabra Extreme: Headset That Links To your Computer

This is a really useful little accessory that allows you to move around the room as you speak into the inbuilt microphone on the earpiece, meaning that you can walk around your computer with both hands free or continue typing and using your mouse whilst still maintaining a conversation with whoever is on the other line. Concurrently, you can also manage your mobile alls at the same time as your PC calls, allowing you to switch between the two with ease.

The sound quality is very high and the device is even ‘Skype certified’, so you can use it for social networking, voice recognition software chats, etc. There’s no complicated set up, just a nifty little USB adapter that slots right into your computer and/or laptop and you’re good to go! A wise investment for people who spend a lot of time at their desk.

Jabra Drive: Keep Both Hands On The Wheel While You Talk

You can’t put a price on your own safety, or the safety of others around you when you are driving a car; however, in today’s busy world a lot of us want to stay connected all of the time and this even means when driving. The Jabra Drive in-car speakerphone connects to any Bluetooth enabled phone and hooks up the audio in and output to the speakerphone, giving you the opportunity to hold a conversation whilst driving.

The control buttons are easy enough to use and the sound quality is really clear, as if the phone was held to your ear itself. What I really like about it is that you can connect to two different Bluetooth devices simultaneously, allowing a Multi-use option that can really come in handy on long car journeys. All in all, a fairly essential little gadget for drivers wanting to stay connected.

Jabra Freeway: Hands-Free Calls And Surround Sound Music? You’re Spoiling Us!

This is the rock star of the hands-free bunch; sure, you can talk whilst driving and enjoy clear, crisp sound quality on your calls, but the Jabra Freeway also allows you to listen to surround sound quality music when you’re not on a call! The three speakers pump out the beats at a very high quality and will only switch off when you take a call.

Other interesting features are the fact that the speakers turns itself on and off automatically when you enter or exit the car and that you can control all of your calls by voice commands, making it truly ‘hands-free’. At the more expensive end of the price spectrum, the Jabra is a real treat; however, if you spend a lot of time in your car and want to make calls as well as listen to tunes, I really do recommend it.



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