10 Best Leather Cases For iPhone 5

10 Best Leather Cases For iPhone 5


iPhone 5 Leather Case

As The Fonz proves, there’s no cooler accessory than a leather jacket; this year, why not make your iPhone 5 the hippest smartphone on the block by kitting it out with a funky leather iPhone 5 case? Here’s our list of the best iPhone 5 cases on the market today.

1. iPhone 5 Case: Tri-Fold Leather Style

Anyone who is after a flashy yet functional leather case may look no further; this tri-fold case is made of fine faux-leather and has a secure fold with a magnetic flap housed in the exterior folds that will clasp down tightly over your iPhone 5, ensuring its safety. With a camera lens cutout and clear access to the charging port, they’ll be no need to remove this case from its comfy new home.

Tri-Fold Leather Style Case

  • Card slots on interior of iPhone 5 cover
  • Comes in a range of colours
  • Lifetime Exchange Warranty

Price: £29.95
Link: Tri-Fold Leather Style

2. Quilted Madison iPhone 5 Case

This one is for the stylish ladies (and brave gentlemen!) out there; a chic little number that fits snugly over your iPhone 5 and boasts a timeless quilted design that is finished with Swarovski crystal elements. The genuine leather case will give your iPhone a super sleek profile and will certainly give off the right impression when you rest it on the bar (get ready to be offered a lot of free drinks!).

Quilted Madison iPhone 5 Case

  •  Handcrafted design is pure quality
  •  An ultra-soft microfiber lines the interior for extra protection and polish
  •  The last word in luxury

Price: $70
Link: Quilted Madison iPhone 5 Case

3. Piel Frama iMagnum 2 Leathercase for Apple iPhone 5 Black

OK, so this one isn’t cheap. It is, however, the best leather case for the iPhone 5 that we could find, so cough up that Christmas money and protect your beloved device with a gorgeous cover. Handmade by experienced leather craftsmen, the cow skin case has an inner thermoplastic polymer structure that offers tough resilience against bumps and scratches as well as two credit card slots and a money pocket. It also has a two nano SIM compartments and a removable belt clip that gives your iPhone 5 a little more added security. This really is worth the expenditure, as it will keep your iPhone safe whilst making it look super stylish.

iMagnum 2 Leathercase iPhone App Review

  •  Soft leather lining and a foamy material inside the case to enlarge the protection of the iPhone 5
  •  Comes in a variety of colours
  • A sleek magnetic closure system that does not affect the functionality of your device

Price: $99
Link: Piel Frama iMagnum 2 Leathercase for Apple iPhone 5 Black

4. iPhone 5 Leather Pouch

This is one for anybody who loves the feel of their bare iPhone but hates the idea of it not being protected for the majority of the time. With a combination of a high-quality leather and tough aluminum lining, your iPhone will be safe from bumps, scratches and accidental drops, while the pull-tab will allow you quick access to the device when you need to handle it. The case is particularly sleek and smart, with a red stitching around its black finish and a pinstripe interior lining that adds a little pizzazz to its appearance.

iPhone 5 Leather Pouch

  •  Easy access to your iPhone 5
  •  Lifetime warranty
  •  Tough aluminum plate sewn in for added protection

Price: £29.95
Link: iPhone 5 Leather Pouch

5. Cygnett Lavish Leather iPhone 5 Case

There are only a couple of genuine leather iPhone 5 cases and this is one of the best; the Lavish case is designed like a reporter’s notebook with a flip-out front cover that folds behind the device, leaving your screen ready for action. You can get it in black with a dark grey lining or blue with a light red lining; you can also have tons of fun by pretending to take notes interview-style when chatting to your pals.

Cygnett Lavish Leather iPhone 5 Case

Price: $39.99
Link: Cygnett Lavish Leather iPhone 5 Case

6. iPhone 5 Leather Case and Wallet

Etsy have a reputation for producing classy accessories and this one is no exception; its distressed leather case offers a slot for your iPhone as well as a slot in which you can store your credit or business cards, with a cash slot underneath. What I like about this case is that you can slide the iPhone out and hold it in all of its glory (because who really prefers the feel of a case to the sleek feel of the iPhone’s original casing?), before popping it back in for safe keeping. You can also secure the case with a snap button to make sure that nothing valuable falls out as you’re swaggering around town.

Price: $69
Link: Etsy Leather Case and Wallet


7. iPhone 5 Pathway Wallet Case Cherry Lane

Don’t panic boys, this case does come in loads of other colours, it’s just that we thought that the bright pink one would be the most eye-catching! Specifically designed for the iPhone 5, this foldout case has slots for all of your cards, receipts, notes or cash and a single magnetic clasp button holds it all together. Plus, if you go for the hot pink version, you’re bound never to lose it!

iPhone 5 Pathway Wallet Case Cherry Lane

  •  Funky colours
  •  Made from durable synthetic leather to withstand daily wear and tear
  •  Keep all of your belongings in one safe place

Price: $29.95
Link: iPhone 5 Pathway Wallet Case Cherry Lane

8. Zagg Leather Skins for iPhone 5

If we were to tell you of a great crocodile skin iPhone 5 case, you’d probably want to get one and make it snappy (ouch!); Zagg’s iPhone 5 leather skin is a very simple and effective leather case that has an impressive design embossed on the back of it and comes with an invisibleSHIELD screen for an extra $15, securing your iPhone 5’s safety from all angles.

Zagg Leather Skins for iPhone 5

  •  Smooth exterior
  •  Funky design
  •  Cutout for camera lens

Price: $19.99 or $34.98 with an invisibleSHIELD screen
Link: Zagg Leather Skin

9. SPIGEN SGP Crumena iPhone 5 Case Leather Pouch Slim White

This one is one of my favourites on the list; it’s smooth design makes it pleasing to both the touch and the eye, with its genuine calf skin leather case imprinted with a subtle cobbled feel that offers a decent grip. You can slip your iPhone out of the case at any time and fit headphones into the slot even when it’s encased. This is perfect for anyone who wants to protect their iPhone5 without having the added bulk of an attached case.

SPIGEN SGP Crumena iPhone 5 Case Leather Pouch Slim White

  • Premium genuine leather
  •  Magnetic leather tab to keep the iPhone in place
  •  Easy to slide the iPhone in and out for quick access

Price: $29.99
Link: SPIGEN Crumena iPhone 5 Slim Leather Pouch


10. Proporta Leather iPhone 5 Case

Here’s a no nonsense case for anyone who wants to offer their iPhone 5 a really tough exterior that’s also fairly smooth to handle; it’s lightweight despite offering excellent protection and allows access to all of your iPhone’s features including headphone slot, Home button, volume control and charging port. The magnetic clasp secures the device in place, allowing you to flip it open when you want to tap away at the screen.

Proporta Leather iPhone 5 Case

  •  Available in black or pink with tray
  •  Fine faux-leather iPhone 5 cases feeling soft and offering tough protection
  •  Lifetime Exchange Warranty

Price: £24.95
Link: Proporta Leather iPhone 5 Case


  1. I get mine from senacases and can only say they are pretty awesome! although I like some of the cases here and the prices are better!

  2. IPhone Case and Wallet combinations are so practical! The Pathway Wallet Case above sounds like a great option. I can see these types of cases creating a real trend, particularly over the summer!

  3. the Etsy case is my favourite from the bunch – it doesn’t offer any protection when it slides out of the case but I do love slapping it down on the bar when I’m out in town!


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