10 Best Leather Cases For iPhone 4

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Do you ever wish that your iPhone could look a little bit more luxurious? Sure, the reflective shine on its metallic back is great for checking your teeth and hair before a meeting, but what could guarantee you a follow up meeting is whipping out a leather-bound iPhone 4 to schedule it in! Here I have compiled a list of ten excellent leather cases for the iPhone 4.

1. iPhone 4 Aluminium Lined Leather Case

iPhone 4 Aluminium Lined Leather Case

If you like to dress to impress, then chances are you’ll want the slickest case that money can buy for your iPhone 4; well, here it is. Crafted from only the finest quality leather, this case boasts a protective aluminum plate lining that will protect your iPhone from even the toughest of bangs and crashes. My friend has used one of these cases for quite a while now and has no complaints; the magnetic strip that holds the leather clasp in place is a nice touch as it prevents the case from flapping everywhere when you are walking with it in you hand. You can also request a removable belt clip so that you can wear it on your hip…nice.

By: Proporta
Price: $42.95
Link: Proporta Aluminum Lined Leather Case

2. Ted Baker Patent Leather Style Apple iPhone 4 Pouch – Women’s

Ted Baker Patent Leather Style Apple iPhone 4 Pouch

This is probably the most stylish iPhone case ever made. With an oversized zip on the back of this satin-lined casing, your iPhone will never look so fashionable as it does when zipped up tight inside this Ted Baker case. Coming in both black and red finishes, the patent leather will protect your iPhone 4 from bumps and scratches whilst simultaneously ensuring that you are the coolest cat in the room as you unzip your iPhone to answer a call from the ghost of Miles Davis. Designed with women in mind, however a confident man could easily pull it off, this case seems intent on bringing the iPhone to the catwalk.

By: Proporta
Price: $39.95
Link: Ted Baker Patent Leather Style

3. Ted Baker Leather Style iPhone 4 Case – Women’s

Ted Baker Leather Style iPhone 4 Case - Women's

Another one for the girls, this stylish imitation leather case will wrap around your iPhone 4, protecting it from the elements whilst looking incredibly impressive to all of your friends. With a soft leathery feel to the outside of this beautiful case, the inside displays the Ted Baker signature poppies along the lining and the flip over front cover holds a small mirror to ensure that you are always looking your best when you go out with your iPhone!

By: Proporta
Price: $54.95
Link: Ted Baker Leather Style

4. Ted Baker Leather Style Apple iPhone 4 Case – Men’s

Ted Baker Leather Style Apple iPhone 4 Case Mens

OK girls, move over because the boys need some fashion advice as well, you know?! If you want to be the coolest guy in the room when your iPhone rings, then you need this case; a leather-style design will give your iPhone the much needed protection from the enemies of keys and pocket change, the case comes in two different styles, with a sky blue image or a classic brown leather feel. Whichever it is that you choose, you will know that your iPhone is well protected and easily the best accessorized phone out there.

By: Proporta
Price: $54.95
Link: Ted Baker Leather Style

5. Ted Baker Leather Style Apple iPhone 4 Pouch Case

This one really does raise the stakes in the fashion game; its sleek pouch style design makes it look a bit like a wallet or one of those vintage sunglass holders that you see in Mad Men.  The lining of the pouch is absolutely beautiful and your iPhone 4 will slip in and out of it with ease; it even contains a retractable tag that releases the iPhone but keeps it securely in place when not in use.  Coming in two different signature lining (either Bulldog or Spaceman), this one is for the leather case connoisseurs.

By: Proporta

Link: Ted Baker Leather Style Apple iPhone 4 Pouch Case

Price: $39.95

6. Piel Frama Red Crocodile Magnetic Leather Case Ver.2 iPhone 4/4S

Here’s one that you should snap up in a hurry; every red leather case in this production line is sewn by hand and you can really feel the quality when you do get your hands on it.  Manufactured in Spain by leather artisans who only use the finest, locally sourced and eco-friendly materials, this crocodile skin-style case offers much more than just protection; it offers style and grace to your look.  It come with a magnetic closure system so that your iPhone is securely locked at all times and a removable belt clip for you to clip on to your waistband or bag compartment. It’s not the cheapest on the list, but if you can afford to splash out then I would seriously recommend this snazzy looking case that lends an air of luxury to your iPhone 4.

By: Amazon

Link: Piel Frama Red Crocodile Magnetic Leather Case Ver.2 iPhone 4/4S

Price: $39.95

7. Case Mate iPhone 4 Leather Hipster

Case Mate iPhone 4 Leather Hipster

Another hip holster here, proving that there’s still an opportunity to be a cowboy in the 21st Century. Designed to be your iPhone 4’s only case, (i.e. don’t put a plastic case around it first, there’s no need!), the leather hipster clips to your belt and affords you the option of answering your iPhone in the blink of an eye. What really comes through here is the quality and workmanship; if you want a decent, durable hipster case that won’t break the bank, look no further.

By: Case Mate
Price: $29.99
Link: iPhone 4 Leather Hipster

8. iPhone 4 Zagg Leather Skins

iPhone 4 Zagg Leather Skins

Zagg have really got their eye in when they design their iPhone 4’s leather skin cases, made from 100% genuine cattle-hide leather, with premium designs embossed over the skin. Your iPhone won’t look out of place at a hoedown with the variety of patterns ranging from alligator, ostrich and lizard pattern with the choice of finishes being black, tan and premium, (pictured). To go the extra mile, they can throw invisibleSHIELD screen coverage in for an extra 15 bucks, otherwise leave your iPhone free to roam as Apple intended it to!

By: Zagg
Price: $34.99
Link: LEATHER skins

9. iPhone 4 Zagg Sport Leather Skin Case

iPhone 4 Zagg Sport Leather Skin Case

If you are a sports fan that wants to protect your iPhone, accept no substitutes to the Zagg Sport Leather Skin Case! Should your favorite sport be baseball, American Football or baseball, Zagg have a case to suit you. With a similar feel and design to their standard case and made from real leather, the finish is inspired by the three greatest American sports and are sure to keep any sports fan happy, safe in the knowledge that his iPhone is protected by a case dedicated to their favorite hobby, pastime or passion.

By: Zagg
Price: $29.99
Link: Zagg Sport Leather Skin Case

10. NeoGear Deluxe Carbon Fibre Leather Flip Case for Apple iPhone 4 (Black)


If you want your iPhone to look sleek in a leather wraparound case then this could be the case for you. OK, so it’s not real leather, but the imitation stuff looks just as good and it means that no cows were hurt in the process of making it. The grip provided by the (faux) leather means that it won’t slip out of your hand at an awkward bump in the road and the gaps left for the iPhone’s camera and volume control buttons mean that the functionality of the iPhone is not affected by its new protector. Best of all, it comes with a free clear screen protector to avoid scratches and smudges on your iPhone’s screen.

By: iGearUSA
Price: $18.99
Link: NeoGear Deluxe Carbon Fibre Leather Flip Case


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Sarah Farrukh
posted on 04 April 2011

Share some cases for Blackberry tooooooooooooooo

posted on 04 April 2011

wow these are awesome casings for awesome phone….nice share…

Ashkan Ashkan
posted on 04 April 2011

Ok Sarah we will do our best to do some Blackberry cases too 🙂 but it’s just that we are all kind of iphone owners and most into iPhone!

posted on 04 April 2011

Wow, these are really ugly. Why would anyone cover such an awesome design with such an unawesome cover?

Gagan Chhatwal
posted on 04 April 2011

Jay you need to go to some eye specialist dude, I think you are color blind .. you are saying un awesome to these covers which are really beautiful..

Skank Yahtzee
posted on 04 April 2011

.. So you can make calls on it?

roz shreon
posted on 08 June 2011

I too have leather case for my iPhone & i am happy with it’s good quality. I really like the NeoGear Luxe Leather. It’s Protective & good one.

posted on 10 August 2011

I own a Yoobao leather case for my iPhone 4. Yoobao is known to make great iPad 2 leather cases, and the iPhone 4 case didn’t disappoint me:

For anyone hoping for better protection rather than lightness, this one is for you:

Lens rental
posted on 14 September 2011

can this list be turned into top ten leather cases for men then another top ten for women? plsssssss

posted on 27 September 2011

I love these cases!!

Tanya John
posted on 09 October 2011

I see that Lens Rental wants something for women! There is a SEXY case for women that is totally functional and also acts as a wallet. Check it out!


posted on 28 October 2011

Oooh I like the Ted Baker cases! I will definitely be adding the women’s case to my Sleek & Chic iPhone Cases list > http://www.skinnyscoop.com/list/jackie/sleek-chic-iphone-cases

posted on 28 October 2011

The baseball one is pretty awesome too! I will have to remember that case if I ever need to buy a gift for a baseball lover with an iPhone :p

posted on 11 December 2011

this is top notch leather wallet that I bought today, waiting the delivery :))))


David Harfield
posted on 13 December 2011

Great stuff, thanks for the advice Marto!

posted on 26 December 2011

you guys serious about the leather case..You should take a look at this leather case:

posted on 02 March 2012

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posted on 10 March 2012

Wow.. I think you got a great list here. I think that every iPhone owner should protect his device with an iPhone case of some sort. its a easy eye pleaseing and sot expeansive way to protect you iPhone. There are great iPhone cases for men in here: http://www.squidoo.com/iphone-cases-for-the-macho-man

David Harfield
posted on 13 March 2012

Thanks Alex, glad that you like it!

Daria Zen
posted on 24 March 2012

I love iPhone cases with robots on. They are great for boys an girls. Robots are so cool. If you like robots and iPhone cases take a look at this: http://www.squidoo.com/robot-iphone-cases

posted on 08 April 2012

Why are there so many cheap looking cases? Come on people make an attractive iPhone case! Leather with an attached leather belt clip that don’t rotate! It can’t be that difficult,and make it vertical!

posted on 21 April 2012

A nice and stylish leather case is the Twelve South BookBook for iPhone

Check out reviews at http://best-gear.org/twelve-south-bookbook-for-iphone-44s/

posted on 09 May 2012

I love iPhone 4 Pouch – Women’s
A nice and stylish
plizzzzz gift me

snail vs monsters
posted on 19 May 2012

I like the red one !!!

posted on 15 June 2012

Here are much better leather case for iphone 4 and iphone 4s, http://www.case2case.net/iphone-3g-3gs-cases/iphone-4g-cases/leather-cases.html

Benny Young
posted on 21 June 2012

Liked it a lot. Please find some good cases for galaxy S 3 device too. I found those http://www.squidoo.com/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-cases but that is not enough. Thanks!

posted on 07 September 2012

As for me, best leather cases are manufacturered by noreve

High quality leather
Lot of choices and colors
Lot of models
Free shipping cost
Made in France


Hard to find better for this price…


posted on 28 September 2012

6. Piel Frama Red Crocodile Magnetic Leather Case Ver.2 iPhone 4/4S


posted on 08 May 2013

Nice case, but I prefer the Pong Research iPhone case. Studies conducted by numerous scientific teams in several nations have raised troubling questions about possible associations between heavy cell phone use and serious health dangers. So I looked ways to reduce cell phone radiation effects . In the end though, I found a couple of reviews of Pong Research ‘s cases, that convinced me to give it a try. This case is built with an antenna in between layers of the back cover, which reduce exposure to radiation while optimizing the mobile reception. I was skeptical about it, however, I bought a case. Because Pong is the only technology proven in FCC-certified laboratories to reduce the exposure to mobile device radiation by up to 95% below the FCC limit without compromising the device’s ability to communicate.

Jon Brun
posted on 02 August 2013

A nice and cool looking leather case is the Classic Collection from More. Check it out here;


colostomy belt
posted on 28 May 2014

Yes! Finally someone writes about ostomy bag holder.

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