10 Best Leather Cases For iPad

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There’s nothing quite like a leather feel to an iPad case; sure it may not be as resilient as a tough silicone casing, but if you splash out the extra cash on a nice leather case, you’ll want to protect the case as well as your iPad! Also, there are a few leather and faux leather cases that aren’t actually going to break the bank, but leave your iPad looking pretty stylish…I have a leather case for my iPad and I sometimes don’t want to take it off! So, just for you, here’s a run down of the 10 best leather cases for iPad.

1. The Walkabout – iPad Premium Leather Case

This case is a bit of a beauty, and a tough beauty at that! By fusing together moulded plastic and touch screens with a layer of strong, supple leather, the Walkabout iPad case is hand-crafted design performed at a very high level. The two magnets on the leather cover are a nice touch as it holds the casing tight over your iPad’s screen, protecting it from the world’s extremities.

Price: $59.99
Link: The Walkabout – iPad Premium Leather Case

2. Leather iPad Horizontal Flip Case – Red

CaseCrown’s Leather Flip iPad Case provides your iPad with fantastic protection from scratches, dust and fingerprints with its faux leather finish. The interior elastic band gives you a place to store cards, papers etc, so your wallet doesn’t get too crammed out. Fairly affordable, you can perform all of the iPad’s functions while it is still in the case, including charging. Plus, it’s bright red, which gives it a stylish and sleek appearance!

Price: $24.92
Link: Leather iPad Horizontal Flip Case – Red

3. Leather iPad Vertical Flip Case – Blue

The vertical flip case will make your iPad stand out in a crowd, due to its blue finish and provides optimal utility and style. Similar to the horizontal flip case, the cover flips vertically which allows you a unique way of propping it up, should you want to watch a film or video on the screen.

Price: $24.92
Link: Leather iPad Vertical Flip Case – Blue

4. NeoGear LuxeLeather Protective Case with Hand Strap

This case is a true original in the sense that the hand strap on the back allows you to view the iPad’s screen from varying different angles; it also gives your hand added support whilst gripping it, ensuring that you don’t drop it! Ideal for those in business who want to give presentations on the go, the Business Flip Case secures your iPad both during travel and when on display in vertical portrait position. It also includes a free clear Full LCD Front Screen Protector to stop your screen getting dust, smudges or fingerprints on it.

Price: $12.99
Link: NeoGear LuxeLeather Protective Case with Hand Strap

5. LuxeLeather Zebra Snap-On Case

Any animal enthusiasts out there, this one is for you. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, (or herd?!), then check out this snap-on case which is designed with a form fit wrap in leather look, boasting a polycarbonate shell. Consisting of durable high-grade material, the LuxeLeather Zebra iPad Case gives you an anti-slip grip which lends it a more comfortable feel. The zebra pattern is really stylish and for 8 bucks, makes this case an absolute steal.

Price: $7.99
Link: LuxeLeather Zebra Snap-On Case

6. Proporta Smart Recycled Leather Case

If you are a bit of a part-time eco-warrior then you may want to invest in this recycled leather case, made from 100% recycled leather, with a natural hessian lining, this environmentally friendly Apple iPad case also doubles up as a stand, allowing you to watch the iPad’s screen in landscape and portrait mode. Not too cheap at almost fifty dollars, however, you can’t put a price on a clean conscience!

Price: $ 47.95
Link: Proporta Smart Recycled Leather Case

7. Leather Style Pouch

This smooth finished leather style pouch boasts a layer of lightweight aircraft grade aluminium, which gives your iPad added protection against crushing or impact shocks. The soft lining of the case shields youriPad’s screen from getting scratched and the stitch design makes the whole feel of the case look a little bit extra special.

Price: $47.95
Link: Leather Style Pouch

8. Apple iPad 2 Gen Leather Case Stand

The snug design of this iPad case fits round your device like a glove, ensuring that it is protected from all of the dangers that it may face as well as looking pretty cool at the same time. The stand means that you can prop your iPad up and watch the screen, or just type at a different angle, which is perfect for those with a lot of work, (or movie watching!) to do.

Price: $24.99
Link: Apple iPad 2 Gen Leather Case Stand

9. Original Xgear Apple iPad 1st Silhouette Leather Molded Snap-On Case – Red

This case complements your iPad rather than make a feature out of itself, in the sense that the classy leather wrap holds tight onto your device, allowing you to grip it whilst in transit and set it steadily on a surface. The corners are extra tough as this is where you need the most protection, yet you can still get to all of the ports and buttons with ease. Coming in a variety of different colours, I reckon that the red is the best look.

Price: $34.99
Link: Original Xgear Apple iPad 1st Silhouette Leather Molded Snap-On Case – Red

10. Premium LUXMO Apple iPad Leather Binder Case w/ Side Pockets – Black

This portfolio style case will make your iPad a top business accessory andis perfect for slideshows and presentations, due to its customized tier-standing system. The ideal marriage between functionality and protection, the leather case also has side pockets for cards, paper and documents. A synthetic leather finish and magnetized clasp give it a stylish look and a pen slot completes the whole package!

Price: $24.99
Link: Premium LUXMO Apple iPad Leather Binder Case w/ Side Pockets – Black

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