You’re Just Not Ready For Me Kid, Get Practicing With BC Blackjack

You’re Just Not Ready For Me Kid, Get Practicing With BC Blackjack


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“You’re good, kid, but as long as I’m around, you’re second best, you might as well learn to live with it.” Well bollocks to that I say, don’t learn to live with anything, just learn. BC Blackjack is the new casino app that puts in the extra miles to make sure that you’re gambling like a pro. Rendered in 3D the app’s hyper-realistic graphics, full-sized cards, chips and table make it the most lifelike blackjack game in the app store and one that will give you the confidence to waltz into a casino and yell, “Somebody, hit me!”

The app comes with a built-in trainer and basic strategy charts to help you learn the basics and get you practicing winning with the odds and not against.  A green tick means that you’ve played by the books, a yellow tick means the same but that you had to consult the old chart before making your move and a cross means you’ve gone AWOL and you need to rein yourself back in. Your play history will be recorded so that you can look back on previous hands to see how you’ve been doing. If you upgrade to being a pro-user then you can use three different practice modes to improve your areas of weakness.

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The realism of the game is what makes it so playable and the full-sized cards means that there’s no need to squint at your screen to see the numbers. There’s no background distraction other than the odd shuffling of cards between packs, which was particularly refreshing to me as I hate all of the distracting bells and whistles that usually come with similar gaming apps.

It’s free to download, however, after around 5 minutes of play an advertorial will come up on screen which you can then click out of within a few seconds. If you wish, you can upgrade to a pro-version which means you’ll get no advertorials and the ability unlock higher tables, game play settings and practice modes. Play is always free so there’s no paying or waiting for chips like in other blackjack apps.

Stag do, hen do, corporate function; if you’re heading out for a big night with friends and fancy tightening up your game before handing over all of your hard earned cash to ‘The House’ then BC Blackjack is a great, no risk option to strengthen your game and maybe even leave you ‘Up’ at the end of the night.

If you’re not feeling so lucky, punk, then strengthen your odds and download BC Blackjack from iTunes today!


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