The Holy Trinity Is Under Attack! Find Out Why By Playing

The Holy Trinity Is Under Attack! Find Out Why By Playing



The father, the son and the holy spirit may have had their last hurrah holding the title of the holy trinity, after the Almighty success of smash hit the ‘dot io’ family saw the birth of, although not quite as popular as the original granddaddy, held a firm place in the hearts of gamers since its inception in early 2016. Now, after just a couple of months, the latest installment, is all but eclipsing its predecessors in terms of addictiveness, strategy and playability.    

Staying true to form’s simple graphics and multiplayer open-world arena is available to play on either via your browser or an iOS device. If you play on your browser then you don’t need to install anything, you simply enter your name and start playing.

The rules of are simple; you move around the board using your thumb or keyboard (iOS or desktop respectively) and shoot by clicking the left mouse button (tapping behind your avatar for iOS). To gain points you need to shoot down (or smash into, but this will decrease your health – more on this later) the yellow squares, red triangles and purple pentagons. They all vary in how hard they are to destroy, the purple pentagons offering the biggest payoff.

As your points grow, you will have the option to bulk up your armour, there are generally two ways to start developing your tank: either by making it into a gunner or a ram. I prefer to start off as a ram then build up my armoury once I’ve got a little weight behind me. This way you can smash into all of the various objects and gain points without losing too much of your health. is free to play or download and is a fantastic evolvement from the original, it’s a slower build to victory but it requires a lot more forethought and strategy to climb up the ranks of the leader board. It’s well worth a go for any newbies and a fun development for any of the staunch .io fans out there.

If you want to start handing out invitations to the gun show then visit iTunes today!


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