RegaWordJam2 version 2.0 for iPhone Improves the Mind While Having Fun

RegaWordJam2 version 2.0 for iPhone Improves the Mind While Having Fun


Announcing that Rega Interactive, the developer of RegaWordJam2 has released an addictive new app. The application provides a very interactive way for users to improve their minds while having fun reassembling scrambled words. RegaWordJam2 has an intuitive, easy to use and lets players know when they’ve reconstructed a word correctly.

While RegaWordJam2 could be perceived simply as a game, the combination of visual and tactile learning helps improve focus, vocabulary and spelling. The addictive gameplay fun is a bonus which may help facilitate the mind sharpening attributes that this app offers.

Each game begins with a scrambled word which must be reassembled correctly. The app’s intuitive interface makes it easy for players to just slide letters into order to form the new word. When finished, RegaWordJam2 lets the user know whether or not they have successfully rearranged the letters into the correct word. The app offers hundred of words, in varying degrees of difficulty, so there are plenty to keep users engaged for hours on end.

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