Word Solitaire HD: Classic Solitaire game but with letters!

Word Solitaire HD: Classic Solitaire game but with letters!


Word Solitaire HD iphone app review

Word Solitaire HD has the same concept as the classic card game of Solitaire but uses lettered cards instead of numbers. Users are required to arrange, flip and move cards in order to create words and gain points. Users can progress to other levels once all the cards have been revealed and all letters provided have been used. Word Solitaire HD includes the additional features of wildcards, which can be used to represent any letter needed. Users also have the option to burn cards that simply don’t fit anywhere.

Pros: This is a great word game that is easy to use and very addictive. It resembles the classic card game Solitaire and therefore most users will already be familiar with the basic rules of the game. However, the tutorial provided is very helpful for first time users, as it explains the additional features of the wildcard, burning sun and how the points system works. The quick play option is ideal for time filling and also the game will automatically save, allowing users to return to their last position of play.

Cons: Although Word Solitaire HD is a great word app, it may fail to compete with other popular word games including Scrabble and Word Abacus, as it limits the user to create shorter words rather than really challenging, lengthy words. This may be due to users simply trying to eliminate their cards rather than gain high scoring words, like in Scrabble. Also the background music could be improved as it can be very distracting whilst playing. A big advantage of playing games on an iPad is viewing and interacting with games on a large screen and so the layout of the cards could also be improved on, as they are currently only featured on the right hand side of the screen.

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