How To Send SMS Texts on An iPad

How To Send SMS Texts on An iPad


When the iPad was first launched, a lot of people thought that it was simply a bigger version of the iPhone, without a lot of the iPhone’s key features. Then the apps started coming thick and fast and all of a sudden everybody realized just how cool, useful and versatile these Apple tablets really are. However, there were a few niggling doubts as to its productivity value; one question I kept asking myself was, how do I send a text on my iPad?

Well, we researched the issue and it seems that there are quite a few ways in which you can send a text with an iPad, some of which will be suitable for various users, some of which will not. So, check out our list and pick your favourite method of sending texts on an iPad!

1. Google Voice

OK, this one takes a little bit of time to set up, but is totally worth it in my opinion. Essentially, what you have to do is set up a Google Voice account, which will send a new number to your phone. Text messages will come straight to your Google Voice inbox via email and you can send texts in the same format. This will also allow you to send and receive calls as well. This is probably the clearest and most reliable way to send and receive texts on an iPad, plus it’s nice to see Apple and Google getting along so well! (This is currently only available to users in the US – everybody else, read on!)

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2. iPad Apps

There are quite a few iPad apps that allow you to send texts on your iPad, such as Textie and textPlus. All you have to do is download these apps, (which are usually free), and follow there installation instructions. For example, with textPlus you can get a free phone number sent to you which workers on almost all of the popular carriers, which you can then use for single and group texts, as well as finding other friends and communities through their ‘Contact Share’ feature.

3. Hack into the iPad!

Here’s a video of an iPad fan putting his T-mobile sim card into his iPad to run it on a T-mobile carrier, allowing him to send texts! (We don’t endorse or encourage this, but good luck!)


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