Word Jacks: Nope, It Isn’t Pop-Cap Games!

Word Jacks: Nope, It Isn’t Pop-Cap Games!


Word Jacks iPhone App Review

Now this game is cool! It took me a few tries before I was able to get my creative juices flowing… or at least the skills that I was supposed to learn when I was in elementary school. Don’t worry; the makers of this game didn’t make you have to remember all that math. Nope! Instead we’re focusing on English… or French… or any of the 10 languages included in this app.

Word Jacks reminds me of Bookworm – with a timer and faster pace to it. You must make words with bricks that are falling from the top of the screen. Tap to get more bricks and drag to make words. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Good thing too because the game picks up quickly.

This game probably kicks some serious ass on the iPad. After playing it for the last hour on the iPhone I dare not try it lest I lose my entire weekend playing Word Jacks – it’s that addicting.

Try it out here and maybe (just maybe) you’ll beat my high score. I made it to level 24 (just kidding).


  1. Its truly addicting… and very nice support from the developer. I requested Erik to add a mute option and he immediately replied will add the option soon..

    5stars for the game…


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