Kula Blox: They’re….Different!

Kula Blox: They’re….Different!


Kula Blox iPhone App Review

This game leaves a lot of the “how to” to your own animal instincts. Don’t play just 2 levels and come running to me that you want your money back on this baby. You need to get into it. When a new power is introduced you will need to practice using it a few times to get the full feel of what it’s good for.

This is good because you develop your own feel for the game. Bad however if you want to just get into it right away. I wouldn’t mind even just one page/screen that explains when certain power-ups are useful and why I’d use them.

On the plus side the music is very fitting: a mixture of safari/African music. The track isn’t too short which makes listening to the soundtrack pleasant. The sound effects are also very well done.

The more you play, the more animals you unlock, but for what purpose? They all have the same shape and as you unlock them new predators replace them.

The game has a story; this is great considering animals floating around in boxes would have me wondering without some background. Unfortunately the story is just a story without any magical heroism in it. It doesn’t leave us wondering: “what comes next?”, since we know what comes next: you’re playing a repeated scenario of what could happen next.


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