Super Guide: Modern Warfare 3 – Knowledge is power…

Super Guide: Modern Warfare 3 – Knowledge is power…


Super Guide Modern Warfare 3 iPhone App Review

For anyone who’s played first person shooters, you’re bound to have heard, seen or played Modern Warfare. Now on its third instalment, gamers are keen to get any inside edge on their opposition – after all, it can make the difference between life and death, success and failure.

There’s no denying it, for those who enjoy this tactical shooter style game, you are hard pressed to find much better in terms of gameplay, atmosphere, slickness and general attention to detail. So how does its unofficial companion stack up compared?

Sadly it’s not going to prove enough for most gamers. True, there’s plenty to look at if you’re unfamiliar with the game, inexperienced or just generally a bit of a geek, but in general there’s nothing that would surprise you, or really aid you in any way in helping you accomplish a god-like status when playing this game.

For example, you can get to know the names of all the maps you can play, not see the layout or anything useful like where’s cool to hide out and snipe at opponents or pick up weapons etc. There’s nothing on tactics, and just the general description of the guns, the fire rate, range and recoil – which isn’t much more than what you would get from playing the game and or picking your weapon to start with.

So generally as far as useless apps go, this is certainly in the same calibre. Tutorials, walk-through demonstrations videos and gossip are the hottest property this gizmo has to offer (as it links to an associated Twitter and YouTube account) – again, not much you couldn’t find yourself given enough time and inclination.

Overall, very disappointing in its current format and only something which I’d hope would improve once more updates are given. I’m sure you will pick up some useful tips from using this, but not as quickly as playing the game for yourself and remembering to a) duck and b) hit your target!


  • A nice idea
  • Could be useful in improving your game
  • Potential to grow into something much greater


  • Lacking any real information of any significance
  • Doesn’t really offer much other than what you already know or could find out given an internet connection and a search engine
  • Not much content at this stage and no major updates for some time


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