What Is Your Favourite Genre Of Apps?

What Is Your Favourite Genre Of Apps?


In our ongoing strive to produce the best content for our readers, we are asking everybody to take two seconds to complete our weekly poll, which we will then use to produce articles and app recommendations. So, what is your favourite genre of apps?

Maybe you’re a gaming fanatic, whose addiction to Angry Birds is causing serious problems in your personal life? Perhaps you love using your iPhone for entertainment, whipping out iDaft at any given opportunity? Or do you just adore the downright usefulness of your iPhone, the ability to level any surface with iHandy Carpenter?!

We will be using this information to provide the best content for our readers as well as running great competitions and giveaways for all of our friends and fans on our Facebook page, so if you haven’t already, join us now!


  1. Well ,There are many awesome apps in iPhone but I like the most Facebook page app. It is because ,It connects me with a social networking,family & with friends. It also allows to join different group s & also allows to participate in discussion.


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