Parents! TouchyBooks Are Giving Away 25 Free Children’s Books!

Parents! TouchyBooks Are Giving Away 25 Free Children’s Books!


Touchy Books iPhone App Review

Learning to read can be one of the most interesting and exciting experiences in childhood, as children are opened up to a whole new world of literature that both kids and adults alike can enjoy. The iPhone and iPad have made reading even more fun due to the interactive nature of touching the screen to engage with each children’s book.

The new TouchyBook app is more than just a children’s book app; it’s an entire children’s bookstore in one app. Available in several different languages, (English, German, Spanish and French, with Chinese, Italian and Japanese coming soon), TouchyBooks provides parents with a plethora of children’s books to download, in many different genres. Some are free, some you have to pay for, but it saves you trawling through the Internet searching for individual books. The books really are fantastic, with beautiful illustrations and interactive drag and drop technology to keep the child’s, (and parents’!) attention.

iPhoneAppCafe have teamed up with TouchyBooks to give away 25 free books to the first iPhoneAppCafe readers to contact them! The first 25 lucky readers to message TouchyBooks at or follow on Facebook or Twitter and mention the iPhoneAppCafe promotion will get a free book of their choice.

For those of you who are too late to get your free book of choice, don’t worry as TouchyBooks give you a couple of selected books when you download the app!

You can also use TouchyBooks on iPad; check out our iPad reviews at iPadAppCafe.


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