10 Most Innovative Uses Of iPad

10 Most Innovative Uses Of iPad


We all know the great things that the iPad can be used for: reading iBooks, streaming videos and playing a huge version of Angry Birds. However, there are some pretty left-field examples of how the iPad can be used that have been popping up all over the world. From performing pitch-perfect versions of MGMT songs to the substitution of kitchen implements, here are the 10 most innovative uses of the iPad.

1. Eye(Pad) of the Tiger

Jordan Hollender & co perform Tony the Tiger’s theme tune with aplomb…sans instruments!

2. Use the iPad to Remove Your Head

Whether its real magic or magically real, Deviant Art’s example really blows our heads off!

3. Can an iPad Really be used as a Skateboard?

ANY iPAD LOVERS LOOK AWAY NOW!!! Fuel TV find out whether the iPad can ‘shred’ as a skateboard…ouch!

4. A Little Help in the Kitchen?

Stephen Colbert makes salsa the iWay!

5. Pour Yourself a Pint With the iPad

Boys will be boys. The Yelp boys demonstrate how the iPad can be the perfect barman with the KegMate App!

6. Use an iPad to Explain an X-Ray

This Doctor clearly has his head screwed on…let’s hope the patient does too!

7. Use the iPad as a Nametag

If you’re feeling tough, why not introduce yourself at functions and meetings via your iPad?

8. The ‘Kids’ Are Alright!

Girl rock group The Mentalists use iDevices to show the music world that you don’t need drums and guitars to rock out!

9. Use the iPad to Weigh Yourself

The guys at Thili have made a mock up as to how NOT to use your iPad…if you do try this at home, let’s hope that you kept your receipt!

10. Use Your iPad as a Sushi Dish!

This brave fellow has decided to use his iPad to eat his lunch off…thank God it wasn’t a roast dinner!


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