Weather Trends 360: Controlling the weather over the next year? There’s an...

Weather Trends 360: Controlling the weather over the next year? There’s an app for that!


Weather Trends 360 iPhone App Review
Perhaps controlling the weather is a bit of an exaggeration; perhaps it’s more like predicting the weather? In either case, if you are looking to find out what the weather is going to be (or not be) then you can have a more educated prediction generated by Weather Trends 360.

This app is designed to allow you to monitor in quite extreme detail the weather where you are (or wherever you’d like to be) anywhere from the current day to a full year later.

Now I can think of certain reasons when such an app would be useful, anything from planning a party, a wedding or your holiday, but any advice that this programme offers has to be taken with a bit of cynicism – let’s face it, if the MET office can’t always get their predictions right then how can an app stand a chance?

Putting that observation to one side, it is on initial inspection a very capable and interesting app that everyone could take something from. Of course the main thing that the majority of users would like to discover is the temperature where they are or where they may be travelling to. I could certainly also be willing to use the UV Index and it’s pretty cool discovering where there’s been lightning strikes.

However, it’s hampered with the limitation of not displaying historical data at this stage (just in case you wanted to know what it has been like previously) which if you are a bit of a geography fanatic, or using this to draw a case study from then this is unable to fulfil this need.

Overall, it looks nice and it has some nice touches. It’s annoying how it seems to forget your current location and even if you do have it locked in, it still likes to show you The Americas map, which is a bit of a nuisance. The constant swapping between maps and styles is a little repetitive also but it does offer lots more than your average weather monitoring devices can at the push of a button so is quite impressive still. I wish the makers (who must have been American) had not overlooked the measurement option of putting things into Celsius rather than being stuck with Fahrenheit!


  • Lots of detail to keep you entertained
  • Pretty pleasing to the eye
  • Simplistic interface


  • Clearly designed for an American audience as logic and the option to change measurements is lacking
  • Reverting to The Americas each time you start the app is annoying even if it knows where you are
  • Constant button pressing could drive you mad
  • Using the sliding scale on a small screen is a little fiddly
  • Weather predictions can’t be 100% accurate


  1. Thank you for the nice write up. You can put the app in C/metrics by going to SETTINGS and looknig for the wt36o Pro icon most likely at the bottom of the list, click on that and you’ll see an option for Metric Units/Celsius OFF swipe to ON. This puts all units in C/mm/cm, etc. This will be in the app directly with the next release in a couple weeks but this fix works in the interim.
    Thank you again and enjoy the app and free web site (


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