Squid Escape for iPhone: Not Bad for a Little Squirt

Squid Escape for iPhone: Not Bad for a Little Squirt


Squid Escape iPhone App Review
Just when you think you’ve seen all the cute games along comes another. Squid Escape is a simple yet no means easy puzzle game where you must help your squid hop from one rotating platform to another. To do this you are going to need your timing, judgement and problem solving parts of your brain fully engaged.

Controls are simple to master, tap the screen when you’re ready to begin and the little squid will hop – starting the clock ticking. To jump again simply tap the screen and this action will be repeated. This is the easy bit though as all too quickly the game becomes a little more sadistic with more devious layouts and hazards awaiting you.

The platforms you jump on to are by in large rotating compasses which are spinning both clockwise and anticlockwise at varying speeds. So to get through the level quickly, you must try to assess which route you should take to try and reach freedom. You have to be careful with each jump as you can’t boost your jump or direct your fall in any way – so one slip and it could result in a sticky end for you and your squid.

The game is really pretty simple and certainly does offer some good relief but you can’t help but feel each level is providing an element of déjà vu and like most things that repeat on you, it’s not such a good thing second time around – let alone by the 50th.

All in all, it’s going to keep you distracted for a good while and if you get hooked, you’ll likely find yourself playing for hours without putting this down.


  • Pretty addictive
  • Plenty of levels which get more difficult as you progress
  • Challenges you in lots of ways


  • A bit repetitive
  • Playing against someone else e.g. via Bluetooth or WiFi would make this much better
  • The movement of the screen is out of your control which can be a little nauseating at times


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