Perfect Tan: Stay safe in the sunshine!

Perfect Tan: Stay safe in the sunshine!


Perfect Tan iPhone App Review
Perfect Tan is an app that helps protect its users against sun burn whilst sun bathing. Users are required to select their skin type and sun protection factor being used whilst sunbathing. This app will then advise the sensible amount of time allowed in the sun, avoiding any danger to sun burn. The UV index allows the app to detect your current location and assess if the UV rays are high or low. The app contains a built-in timer which alerts the user when to turn around whilst sun bathing to even out the amount of sun exposure to the body. There is also an alert when the maximum amount of time in the sun has been reached.

Pros: The major positive aspect of this app is its promotion of healthy practice whilst out in the sunshine. It promotes prevention of skin cancer and takes into account that each person has an individual skin tone. The UV index also detects if the sun rays are high or low, which further assists to prevent prolonged sun exposure. The timer alerts conveniently help to remind its users when to turn around and when they need to seek shade.

Cons: This perfect tan app is primarily aimed at a female audience and has no options to include males in their main menu, which automatically limits its potential users. Although the app promotes healthy practice whilst sunbathing, I hope users will find it practical enough to use in a real holiday situation on the beach or by the pool. It is however, just a guide and users are solely responsible for their own healthy practices.


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