Keep Your Wallet and Contacts in One Safe Place with Exscudo Channels

Keep Your Wallet and Contacts in One Safe Place with Exscudo Channels


FanAppic - Exscudo ChannelsThere seems to be no stopping cryptocurrency. Though it’s a megashift in the way commerce is carried out, it’s inevitable that one day, sooner than we think, all our currency will be digitised and exist in the cloud(s). Many people are ahead of the curve on this one, and are already exploring cryptocurrencies by stockpiling, saving and trading on a day-to-day basis. So it seems to be the perfect time for some smart developers to release an app which combines a secure cryptocurrency wallet with a communication platform like WhatsApp or Messenger. Enter Exscudo, who have done just that with their exciting new app, Channels, out now on iOS and Android.

Online security is crucial these days, and proves to be a continuous hot topic of conversation when it comes to the digital realm. The thrust of the idea behind Channels is to make a safe and secure line of communication for users, while at the same time providing them with an equally safe and secure wallet to store their cryptocurrencies in. You can send and receive messages, videos, pictures and money, all under one roof as it were; and a very safe roof at that.

FanAppic - Exscudo Channels

In fact, the Channels app boasts one of the safest lines of communication available to the casual consumer; it works on EON Mainnet, part of the Exscudo ecosystem, with each user being assigned their own EON ID. This unique ID is the key to all of Escudo’s services, including Channels. Messages cannot be tracked, due to information being processed simultaneously on all nodes of the network. Personal data is also not saved due to the app operating on the blockchain, which is the same method that cryptocurrencies use to ensure both security and transparency. This feeling of security is notable as soon as you download the app and sign up; it feels robust, safe, and trustworthy.

The best part is that all this security is available to you now for free. No lags, no service, no data loss, all for no money at all. The team at Exscudo have done a fantastic job adding another stellar product to their line-up, and are always committed to making all their products integrated with each other, for maximum ease and maximum security.

If you want to experience a flavour of the future, download Exscudo’s Channels app from the App Store or Google Play today!


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