3 Foolproof Ways To Get Your App Noticed

3 Foolproof Ways To Get Your App Noticed


Mobile users spend 86% of the time on mobile apps and with millions of apps available on the various smart devices, app developers will need to pull out all the stops to stand out. Whether designing an app specifically for a business or directly for the market, there are a few things that need to be checked off the list first. Here’s how to get that app noticed, and fast.

You Should Be Able To Pick It Out Of The Crowd

While developers may think that the brightest and loudest colors might get their app noticed, the thumbnail and images should be engaging and appealing. This means keeping up with imaging and color trends. Branding is an integral part of the app and the thumbnail should reflect this. Not only should the app reflect the brand, it should also represent the industry. For instance, finance apps will be a little more serious than educational apps for preschoolers.

Spend A Little More To Ensure It’s Compatible On All Platforms

App development can be a costly exercise, especially if specialists need to be called in. But for maximum exposure across all operating systems, raising capital through a loan or personal cash injection might just be worth it. For iOS app developers, ensuring that the resolution is right to avoid pixelation, correct content formatting, legible text, and more are required to satisfy users and also the Powers-That-Be at Apple. Android also has its own criteria and developers will need to adapt their product to suit the various markets. Alternative app stores also exist, such as GetJar and SlideMe which means greater exposure.

Market Like You Mean It

It pays to have your app rank, and until it sells, it will take some money to get it higher on the search list. Press releases, social media blurbs, YouTube tutorials, and even paid reviews with collaborators and influencers will allow the app to gain some traction. Those who happen to have a website need to do a proper post on the uses of the app and a pop-up reminding visitors about the app is helpful too. But before pushing the send button, remember to include app store optimization to the mix to ensure a higher ranking in the search results.

Did we mention that ideation is an integral part of creating an app that’s likely to sell? That’s important too but won’t make a difference if it’s not compatible, not marketed well, and doesn’t get noticed.


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