Farm Mania: Diner Dash Meets FarmVille!

Farm Mania: Diner Dash Meets FarmVille!

Farm Mania iPhone App Review
Highly Addictive Farming Fun

The popular PC farming sim game is now available on the iOS App store. With an awful lot of farming games on the market, do we need another one?

You are Anna; a level-headed student that has decided to help out on her Grandfather’s run down farm. Can you make it the best goddamn farm the world has ever seen?!

With a comic strip introduction, a female hero and a multitasking style of play, this game has many similarities to Diner Dash. Rather than slamming it for that, I think this is a good thing, Diner Dash is bloody brilliant and insanely addictive! Farm Mania has taken all those great elements and added the ever popular farming theme to the mix.

As you progress through the levels you are introduced to many different vegetables, animals and even pie making shops. Although there is the urgency of having to multitask, there is a steady learning curve meaning each level is never boring or too impossible to complete. The ability to upgrade parts of your farm and buy items gives the player extra incentive to keep playing.

Pros: Highly addictive with very clear instructions to new parts of the farm. Every 5th level is a ‘find the hidden animals’ round, which breaks up the game play perfectly.

Cons: The only minor criticism I can give this game is that there is a lot going on and the screen can seem quite crowded on my iPhone, on an iPad I imagine it looks just fine, but there are a few occasions where I have accidentally clicked the wrong thing. Making the speech bubbles that appear above each action slightly bigger may help.

Anyone who had found themselves addicted to task based simulation games will definitely want to add Farm Mania to their collection.


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