VIP London: London Hotspots!

VIP London: London Hotspots!


VIP London iPhone App Review

VIP London is a fantastic app that allows users to search for all the exclusive clubs, bars and restaurants in London. The app uses your current location to search for the venues nearby or provides an extensive list of all the London hotspots.

Pros: This app is easy to use and gets straight to the point; therefore it fulfils its purpose very well. It provides the user with all the essential information from each venue and allows the user to contact the venue by phone or email directly from the app. A picture of each venue is featured and the information is well presented in a clear and easy to read format.

Cons: The app meets its purpose very well so the only future improvements to recommend are for the developers to produce a chain of apps to include other popular and major cities around the world. Ensure the contact details and venue pictures remain current and updated and also feature any additional exclusives, for instance, guest DJ’s and theme nights so potential customers are fully informed on the events of each particular night. Overall, a fantastic app that meets the needs of its users perfectly!



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