Tiny Tower: A Skyscraper In Your Pocket!

Tiny Tower: A Skyscraper In Your Pocket!


Tiny Tower iPad App Review

Every now and then a game comes along that you just adore, for me Tiny Tower is one of those. The aim of the game is to get ‘Bitizens’ to move into your tower block, by doing so you can then hire them to work at the various businesses that you create on different floors. Once you’ve got your businesses up and running you can make money off of them, then you’re able to create more floors, have more Bitizens move in and so the cycle continues.

Whilst you’re busy restocking shelves in your Vegan Food Shop or waiting for the builders to finish constructing your Day Spa, you can spend some time gaining virtual money and special currency called ‘tower bux’ by assisting people in the elevator and helping visitors find various tenants. You even have BitBook (the Bitizen version of FaceBook) to have a look at and see what your tenants and employees think of your tower!
For anyone who enjoys entrepreneurial and simulation games you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this gem. It may not have the depth of something like Game Dev Story or all the real life details of a SIMs game, but for a game that’s free it really is a charm to play.

Pros: You keep earning money when you’re away from the game therefore there is always something to come back to.
Cons: If you want to upgrade various parts of your tower quickly, you’ll probably end up spending some real money on buying ‘tower bux’ to do so.

For a game that is free you can’t go wrong with Tiny Tower, it’s addictive, time consuming, humorous and incredibly cute.



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