5 Really Cool iPad Apps For Free

5 Really Cool iPad Apps For Free


iPad’s certainly aren’t cheap, so the idea of a free app gets us very excited, seeing as we’ve already spent rather a lot of cash on the device itself! Now, with the iPhone, I know that there have been a lot of free apps that are pretty terrible, so I was apprehensive to explore the world of free iPad apps; however, through thorough research and scrupulous penny pinching, I managed to come up with some pretty awesome iPad apps that won’t cost you a penny!

1. TweetDeck: Control All Of Your Social Networks null TweetDeck - TweetDeck, Inc
• Free
• Updated: May 18, 2011
• Seller: TweetDeck Inc.

This app is essential for any social networking addict. You can get it for your iPhone and even as a program on your computer, however when it’s used on the iPad, it enters a whole world of its own. You can control multiple Twitter accounts, view your Facebook status and news feed and view all of your Mentions, Direct Messages, Friends, etc in a fantastic column format.

Pros: You will never have to log in to Twitter again, as it is so much more user-friendly; it automatically shortens URLs into bit.ly links, so that you can write more in your messages and you can now even lengthen your messages to more than 140 characters! Wow!

Cons: Recently there have been a few bugs in TweetDeck, causing some users to switch to its rival, Twitterific.

2. How To Videos from Howcast.com (for iPad): Learn How To Do, Well, Everything! null
• Free
• Updated: Dec 01, 2010
• Seller: Howcast Media, Inc.

HowCast for the iPad is such a weird but brilliant app; it literally has instructional videos on how to do anything? Want to clean up your parent’s house after a party. There’s a video for that. Want to learn how to cook a tuna steak to nouvelle cuisine standards? There’s a video for that. Want to learn how to dispose of a dead body? Well, I haven’t checked yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a video for that!

Pros: There are so many videos that you could spend all day simply finding out new stuff that interests and excites you. The interface is also really easy to use and it recommends videos for you to watch, based on your viewings.

Cons: As the videos are mainly ‘home-made’, you can stumble across a lot of fairly useless stuff…there’s only so many times you need to learn how to take a nude portrait!

3. Adobe Photoshop Express: Edit Your Photos Anywhere In the World null Adobe Photoshop Express - Adobe Systems Incorporated
• Free
• Updated: 30 June 2011
• Developer: Adobe Systems, Inc.

Adobe Photoshop Express transforms your iPad into a veritable editing suite and with the iPad’s vast screen, you can really focus on the minute details that you can’t on smaller devices. You can crop and straighten your photos, alter the colours and contrasts and put weird and wacky effects on them, even adding borders to your favourite snaps.

Pros: The self-timer is a neat function and it works fantastically well with the iPad 2’s camera.

Cons: We’ve heard reports of crashing when users try to edit smaller details like the filters, losing all of their work that they have done that session.

4. Epicurious: A Cool Free Cooking App null Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List - Condé Nast Digital
• Updated: Feb 03, 2011
• Languages: English, German
• Seller: CondeNet

This award winning foodie app, (2011 ASME Award – National Magazine Awards for Digital Media and Best Mobile Media 2010 – American Society of Magazine Editors), boasts over 5 million downloads and from the recipes on it, you can see why. There are over 30,000 professionally sourced recipes for you to get your teeth into and loads of cool features such as listing your favourite recipes in a folder, creating shopping lists and sharing recipes with friends on social networks. Oh, and on the iPad, the food looks even more mouth watering…!

Pros: The fact that you can look for food and drink recipes by keyword, or search by what you have in your cupboards, whether you are on a health kick or what ingredients are in season is really useful.

Cons: The incessant advertising and sales pitches can get very tedious; but what do you expect from Condé Nast?!

5. iDaft 2: Buy It, Use It, Break It, Fix It null iDaft 2 - Samuel Vermette
• Free
• Updated: Jan 05, 2011
• Seller: Samuel Vermette

This is such a cool app. For any fans of the electro group Daft Punk, you will be falling over yourselves to get the iPad version of this app! Simply press the buttons for a Daft-esque vocoder voice track to shout out the random, bonkers phrases that have made Daft Punk pioneers on the electro scene. All together now, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger…!”

Pros: You can sync the app up to a DJ set up and work the vocal sounds into a live or recorded performance. You can engage background beats to play along with and the iPad version has enhanced UI for smooth running and interaction.

Cons: As with the band themselves, the app can seem a bit like a one-trick pony…but what a trick!

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