Vampcasting: Sink Your Teeth Into This iPhone App!

Vampcasting: Sink Your Teeth Into This iPhone App!


Vampcasting iPhone App Review
Vampires: scary, bloodthirsty freaks. Atleast, that’s what we used to think. Comic book fans will be over-the-moon with this app.

A unique opportunity will arise for one lucky user. The studios hope to select one vampire fanatic to become an extra on the upcoming film adaption of the comics; Vampire Wedding.

All you have to do is upload a picture using the app and your iPhone camera. However, not just any picture. You need to strike a particularly vampiric pose – what one of those is we’ll leave up to you.

The winner will have himself or herself created into not only a cartoon character, but will find themselves offered a spot as an extra in the upcoming film adaption of the comic.

A bloody brilliant opportunity for any die-hard vampire fan to sink their teeth into. The comic is a unique combination of comedy and horror – think Sean of the Dead, but substitute zombies for vampires.

Hopefully redefining vampire movies for years to come, you’d be mad to miss this.

The app contains image galleries of comic book covers and other examples of the art found within the app.

You also get a tidbit of information regarding each character, just enough to quench your thirst.

Hopefully this app will whet your appetite for the upcoming film adaption of the comic, so keep an eye out for further updates and to find out who the competition winner is.


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