Eco Mania: Education and Entertainment together at last!

Eco Mania: Education and Entertainment together at last!


Eco Mania iPhone App Review
It’s fair to say that during these times of environmental awakening that we are going through, we all need to play our part to ensure that we don’t ruin the planet beyond repair. However, as we all know, it’s one thing knowing it and quite another doing it.

Over the past few years I’ve tried to do my part in terms of recycling items like glass, plastic, paper and metal and putting it into the right recycling bin (although where I moved to they have a service which divides everything up for me).
This app is designed to help you think about which kind of rubbish can be recycled and which should be put into the correct recycling bin. Some items are easy to place; bottles, cans and newspapers for example, other items may not be quite so easy to figure out.

The game ramps things up in terms of speed which makes a pretty straightforward game of putting rubbish away in the right bins a much more challenging game. Fortunately you have three lives should you need them and of course you lose a life for putting the item into the wrong bin. As soon as you lose your last life, it’s game over and you’re treated to a bit of general knowledge which sticks in your mind more than your score! For example, did you know on average a plastic bag is used for 15 minutes and takes 500 years to decompose? Neither did I until now.

Overall this game is pretty entertaining and does pose some challenge but I imagine the trivia is more useful for adults and the game is more purposeful for younger folk to play. I can certainly see the game offering a fair bit of entertainment but the repetitive nature does detract from it somewhat and if you are actually someone who works in sorting out rubbish, you’ll hardly find it a light distraction.


  • Pretty educational and you don’t really mind it
  • The challenge offered by the game gets increasingly harder
  • Clear controls


  • Very repetitive
  • No clear guidelines of what rubbish goes where – so you can lose lives through trial and error
  • Lifespan of the game is questionable


  1. There is a learning mode, you can find it in the menu, but it seems you mised it.
    It shows you for every object what is made of and you can play like this untill you get skills.
    My kids enjoy this game, is funny and educational at the same time. We race, who makes more percentage in frenzy mode :))))


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