Pocket Frogs: Become The Ultimate Frog Breeder

Pocket Frogs: Become The Ultimate Frog Breeder


Pocket Frogs iPad App Review
OK, so this game probably sounds like the geekiest thing on the planet. Breed virtual frogs? Why?!? The truth is I don’t really know why, but with over 15,000 different unique frogs available; this has to be one of the most addictive games I have come across for some time.

For a game that is essentially free, (there are options to purchase ‘stamps’ and ‘potions’ if you wish to progress quicker but this isn’t a necessity) Pocket Frogs offers a large variety of things to do while you’re waiting around for your frog eggs to mature. You can send a frog to jump around in a pond to eat some flies, increase it’s ‘happiness’ and discover gift packages full of coins, stamps, potions, frogs or decoration for your habitats (This feature alone has seen me waste many a half an hour looking for goodies).

That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this wonderful game! You can enter your frogs into races for the chance to win coins or to take your pick of one of the loser frogs if you happen to come first. There are also requests for certain frogs that reward you with various items and coins once you breed them and send them over. If that’s not enough to convince you to have a go of this glorious game there is also a puzzle section where you have to match up different coloured frogs on a grid which also results in prizes to help you expand your habitats.

Pros: This game is highly addictive and with so many elements to it you really can’t ask for more from a free game.
Cons: Almost too addictive, I’m becoming a recluse.

Warning: This game will suck you in and then make you think you’ve become some sort of frog expert, then you’ll go waffling on to your friends about how you’re currently trying to breed an Azure Callaina Africanus…and they’ll stop inviting you out to the pub.


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