Useful apps for successful essay writing

Useful apps for successful essay writing


Students have always been looking for ways to make their essay writing tasks easier. Throughout the years, every person who had to write an essay, dissertation, review or report faced difficult moments, especially if that person wasn’t a creative writer. We all know that each person is different, some are more talented or simply like to write, while others need all the help they can get for writing an essay.

Practice makes perfect, but it takes some time to learn and you need some tips at the beginning of the road. Creative or not, every essay writer has the same question in mind when he or she starts to write: are there any resources to help me write my essay faster and more efficient? Considering the fact that technology is constantly updating, the answer to that question would be Yes. Lately, essay writing can be improved thanks to these modern student apps we will further introduce.

AccelaStudy – focuses on vocabulary by introducing synonyms, suggestions of practical examples and tests for measuring your literary progress. The app is available for free in 18 languages on iOS systems.

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Dragon Dictation – with this app, your voice writes the essay for you. The voice recognition system automatically converts your words into digital text. It can even save lost sentences, so it reduces the time you spend for writing your essay with up to 5 times. The app is available for free on iOS.

Trellothis app helps you be very productive because it has many great features; it works almost like an interactive to-do list. It is very practical when you want to highlight the tasks you are working on for different lines of work. You can use it to create lists of different lines of work and different tasks under each one. Although it seems simple, it makes everything very clear. The app can be found on iOS and Android for free.

Freedom – this is another app that helps you be productive and efficient while working on your essay. It has an innovative characteristic: it blocks other apps and the use of distracting webistes for a certain time, so that you can stay focused and finish the research for your paper. In this way, all possible distractions are removed, increasing the student’s focussing level. The app is available on iOS and Android with a basic free version, but the Plus version can be purchased for $24.

We can easily notice that these apps are very useful and complete each other, so you can use all of them if you want to have a quality essay. Although an essay has the purpose of verifying your knowledge on a certain subject and the way you present it to others, there is no harm in using some handy apps that will help you have one of the best essays.


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