UK’s Best E-liquid Brands

UK’s Best E-liquid Brands


UK-made e-liquid products are generally well regulated and safe. With intense media coverage on vaping trends, it would be foolish for manufacturers to sell e-liquid products don’t live up to the standards. Consumers only need to choose an e-liquid brand that matches their preferences.

For beginners and budget conscious customers, 88 Vape offers a straightforward approach. The brand promises the highest possible quality at an affordable price level. Instead of trying to impress the market with a wide range of flavours, 88 Vape offers only a single flavoursome and authentic flavour.

For gourmet brands, Bramble flavour of Digby’s Juices is at the top of the list. The manufacturer invested enough research and development to come up with the right flavour profile. Bramble flavours combines the tastes of sugar cane, blackberry and gin. It’s an e-liquid for vape users who have more mature taste.
Fruit-flavored e-juice is also popular among users in the UK and the best one is without doubt the Black Cherry flavour of Vapouriz. It is a well known global brand in the vape and e-cigarette market. The company is also offering other varieties of flavours. However, Black Cherry should hit the spot for vape users who love fruity flavours. These and other flavours are what you are able to pick up at at a reasonable pricce.

Tobacco e-liquid is a perfect choice for people who want to quit smoking gradually and control their nicotine intake. VIVID is a brand that’s known to produce the best tobacco-flavoured e-liquid in the UK. There are multiple selections of nicotine strength, so users can progressively quit their smoking habit.

Sweet e-liquid still has its own niche in the UK market, although it’s considered old-school and has gone out of fashion. Vape users can still choose Pear Drop from VIP to obtain excellent sweet e-liquid flavour. It has a full flavour and is a good choice for people who want to return to the old vaping days.


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