Unnecessary Censorship: Take The ≠$%!! Out Of Your Videos

Unnecessary Censorship: Take The ≠\$%!! Out Of Your Videos

Unecessary Censorship iphone app review
Do your videos need to be censored?

Scroll through the videos on your iPhone, and you’re likely to find the same old thing. Films of your completely oblivious friends and family, who aren’t even looking at the camera, let alone posing. Unnecessary Censorship, though, have finally produced an app to make your gallery of dull videography a little more interesting.

Let’s face it, unless you’ve been somewhere pretty interesting, taking videos on your phone is no longer the coolest thing to do. In the age of the iPhone, using the camera it possesses is the most basic of gadgets. ‘Unnecessary Censorship’ has just made this aspect of your iPhone a little more worthwhile.

Essentially, the Darren Murtha Design team have made an app whereby you can censor the videos on your phone for no reason other than humour. Pixelate, bleep and censor parts of your friends and family and finally, the videos on your iPhone are worth browsing through.

Dodgy video of your Nan on Christmas day? Pretty standard stuff. Unless you pixelate whatever is in her hand – whoever sees the video will expect the worst from your poor, innocent grandmother.

Been caught in a video with somebody undesirable on a night-out? No need to be embarrassed any more, as this app enables you to censor the offending face out of the screen!

This is definitely worth a go, simply because it adds some fun to the otherwise bland videos on your iPhone. Admittedly, there are only so many times that you can censor somebody’s face before it is no longer funny, and for that reason the app would be more popular if it was free – 59 pence may not seem worth it after too long.


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