TweetDeck: A Whole New Experience

TweetDeck: A Whole New Experience


TweetDeck iPhone App Review
Twitter may have it’s own app, but Tweetdeck Inc. have been playing that game a lot longer. Tweetdeck features an innovative ‘column’ style of viewing. By swiping your finger left or right you’re able to view each separate column, and what each one contains is down to you entirely. TweetDeck isn’t limited to Twitter either; with Facebook integration allowing you to view friends, and create your own, status updates. This app is more like a social dashboard with speedy access to each of your friends’ little worlds.

TweetDeck for iPhone can be synchronized with the TweetDeck desktop application on PC’s and Macs. This means that you can keep all of your precious columns and lists, and even add more. This doesn’t even need you to connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your desktop computer! Simply log in to your TweetDeck account, and all of your settings will be transferred. Handy! The app gives you access everything you could possibly need from Twitter on-the-go, and more. It’s an easy to use social-app, with an ingenius browsing method. It’s a must for any tweeting enthusiast or social butterfly.

TweetDeck is highly polished, with great support for many of the iPhones features (like ‘shake to refresh’), but there were a few niggles I found with this app. It doesn’t support multi-tasking, which can be a pain if you need to switch out of the app to do whatever else you may need to do. Fortunately it’s very speedy at loading up again, even on 3G! I also had a few problems with the Facebook feed, with a few errors popping up. More often than not, I wasn’t able to see my friends status’, so there are a few little features that need a tidy up.



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