5 Extraordinary Music Apps For Your iPhone

5 Extraordinary Music Apps For Your iPhone


5 Extraordinary Music Apps For Your iPhone
Browsing through the music section of the iTunes App Store will reveal a barrage of piano, violin and various other apps featuring just “normal” instruments. Many of these apps do a great job of mimicking real instruments but maybe some of you have wanted something a little more unique. Here are some music apps that offer a fresh look on how we can make music! Or shall I say noise?

1. Finger Stomp ($.99) Finger Stomp - greySox

finger stomp iphone app review

Finger Stomp is probably one of the most unique and intuitive music apps around. This app takes you downtown to the busy urban streets and puts users in the shoes of a Street Musician. Use items such as wheels, cans, signs, horns, shoes and more to bang out some head bumping beats. If that wasn’t enough, they also have a practice mode where you can learn how street musicians do their “thang.”

2. Pocket Shaker (Free) Pocket Shaker - HappyAppy

pocket shaker iphone app review

This is a really unique app that will turn your iPhone into many different percussion instruments. There are over 10 different instruments such as the Rattle, Shaker, Tambourine, Conga, Cowbell and more to just give you a taste of what’s inside. All you have to do is select the instrument you want to listen to and just shake to your heart’s delight. Oh by the way, “I gotta have more Cowbell!!”

3. Band ($3.99) Band - MooCowMusic

band iphone app review

With this app there is no more need to waste your hard earned money on apps that only play one instrument! This app brings a lot to the table giving users access to drums, piano, bass guitar, blues guitar and a crowd. If that wasn’t enough you also get handful of blue’s background riffs to add a unique flavor to your productions. With Band you can record each instrument with ease and mix them together to compose the next, “One hit wonder!”

4. Smule Ocarina ($.99)Ocarina - Smule

ocarina iphone app review

Smule has always been at the forefront of creating music apps for the iPhone and Ocarina is no exception. This app incorporates the microphone and turns your iPhone into a woodwind instrument. Different notes are created using virtual finger combinations on-screen to allow you to create your own music. You can also tilt your iPhone to adjust the vibrato and depth of the music that makes this app very unique indeed.

5. MorphWiz ($9.99)MorphWiz - Jordan Rudess: Wizdom Music, LLC

morphwiz iphone app review

Last but not least, MorphWiz is the winner of the prestigious Billboard Awards ‘Best Music Creation App.”  This app is an electronic music producer that has over 80 features to help you along your way to being the world’s next top DJ. Everything you could ask for in a music production app such as your basic pitch controls, octave shifts, frequency modulation synthesis, and more with trippy visual cues are just the tip of the iceberg for this excellent app.


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