Twincle: A Calendar For All Seasons? Not Really! In Fact, Reminder For...

Twincle: A Calendar For All Seasons? Not Really! In Fact, Reminder For Today, Avoid This App!


Twincle iPhone App Review
Do you find yourself running out of time, missing appointments, forgetting meetings and generally suffering from complete disorganisation? Well if you do then perhaps you need a calendar!

The humble paper based tool that has been around for many years has been surpassed with electronic options. Being able to be synchronised with your computer and offering complete peace of mind are just one of the benefits that a calendar has to offer when it’s in the palm of your hand as an app on your iPhone.

Having said all this, there’s a slight issue when you have hundreds of similar apps on the market and there’s no real clear distinction between one and the other. Take for example this app Twincle, it’s a calendar plain and simple, there’s nothing terribly special about it though. It gives you a standard monthly look of events where you can tap and edit events to your hearts’ content. Then there’s the scrolling motion where you can flick from month to month by pressing either last or next accordingly.

As far as any real use, it fails to really inspire me. Maybe because I expect more from an app like this, maybe because it is designed to look nice but lack in functionality – in either case it flops!

Take for example the standard calendar you have on your device already, it allows you to look at daily, weekly or monthly views. You can edit events and set reminders and connect it to your PC or Mac to synchronise data and events. Twincle however gives you the monthly view, allows you to edit events on the device but it doesn’t have any impact on any other connected device. It allows you to input the location but it doesn’t hook up to your map app, it doesn’t ring any alarms to inform you’re late or interrupt you to let you know where you should be like a helpful PA.

Generally this is a really poor attempt at a calendar app which honestly should be completely ignored.


  • It looks like a calendar
  • It does basic calendar things


  • It doesn’t synchronise with any devices
  • It doesn’t work with other apps (e.g. map, notes etc.)
  • You can’t search for events
  • No alarms and it’s automatically set as all day events and only gives you full hour options should you switch it off.


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