Kickin-it: Ever Wanted To Play Keepy Uppy With A Cactus?

Kickin-it: Ever Wanted To Play Keepy Uppy With A Cactus?


Kickin-it iPhone App Review
No, I’ve never really thought about it either…but in Kickin-It you get to not only kick a cactus, you also get to chose between a rock, a water jug, a bunch of kittens and a whole load of other bizarrely un-kickable objects. The aim of the game is incredible simple, kick the object as many times as you can without letting it touch the ground.

What with the crazy, psychedelic title screen, the dated backgrounds, the awful music and the bugs, (when attempting to kick the rock it just simply floated in mid air) it’s sad to say there aren’t many redeeming features at all to this game. The only positives I can find are the variations with some objects. For instance, when having selected the bubbles you have to pop them before they reach the top rather than stop them touching the bottom.

One other thing I found mildly interesting about this game is the Planet object, as you repeatedly kick it the planet changes to a different one. With each planet having its own weight this adds a hint of excitement to an otherwise boring game.

Pros: It’s incredibly easy to play and if all you want to do is beat your own score then this is for you.

Cons: It has very little reply value and the physics are off a lot of the time.

Unfortunately, actually going outside, standing next to a crumbly brick wall and attempting to kick a rock is more pleasurable than this computerized version.


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