Clowning Around: Circus Based Physics Fun

Clowning Around: Circus Based Physics Fun

Clowning Around iPhone App Review
Clown college capers

“Oh no, not another physics based, ball bouncing game?!” I hear you cry! Well yes I’m afraid it is. Clowning-Around is executed very well, the graphics are clear and cartoonish, the controls are easy to master and it’s fun. The only problem with this game is it feels like you’ve seen it all before. Just how many Cut The Rope rip offs can there be?

The controls consist of swiping your finger across the screen to cut various chains that are attached to balled up clowns (why they are in a ball and why they are chained up I do not know…) and watching them roll, bounce and drop into various barrels that match the particular colour of the clowns. Simple enough at first but Clowning-Around does go some way to getting your brain cells buzzing as magic hats, cannons and buttons are introduced to the game play.

As you complete each level pack you are then presented with a timed mode and once all 5 level packs are completed you then gain access to Arcade Mode in which your resets are limit. This all makes for great replay value and will be appealing to those hard core high scorers.

Pros: Easy to master and it looks great.

Cons: Unfortunately this game is not very original so there aren’t many surprises.

In the description for the game the developers even state “more fun than Cut The Rope…” I’m not sure I totally agree with that, but I will say it is a fun game and will appeal to those who can’t get enough of physics based games.


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