Hungry Shark: Angry Birds Meets Jaws

Hungry Shark: Angry Birds Meets Jaws

Hungry Shark iPhone App Review
Things just got a lot more dangerous out at sea!

The sea just got a lot more dangerous. Alert the swimmers and the fishermen who may be at risk. A hungry shark has been spotted nearby – and he’s under the control of your iPhone.

This vicious yet amusing app puts the player in control of a shark that clearly hasn’t eaten in a while. It is your job to keep your ravenous predator alive, and the only way to do this is by munching anything in your path.

Innocent fish floating past or people minding their own business are on the menu. The more your shark eats, the bigger and stronger he gets. Just watch out for the hunters who aim to end your lunchtime in the most brutal of ways – only they can stop your dominance of the ocean.

It must be said that this game isn’t for the faint-hearted as we are not dealing with a cuddly, animated animal. The blood dripping from his teeth signifies that this a game to be taken seriously.

The control you are given over the shark is excellent. Full tilt control means that you can manoeuvre your shark wherever you want him to go, so nothing in your way is safe from your enormous appetite.

While you obviously rack up points in accordance with your shark’s kills, the game is also fun to play just for the laughs you will get at annoying the boats that sail past.

Hungry Shark is already one of the most popular apps on the market, having been downloaded 7,000,000 times already. It is the number one free game in the UK, America and pretty much everywhere else, too. Yet still the shark is hungry, his appetite insatiable, and is worth the download to feed him an unlucky sailor.


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