TRTL BOT unveils first ever ‘KidSafe’ case for iPhone 4/4S

TRTL BOT unveils first ever ‘KidSafe’ case for iPhone 4/4S


TRTL BOT KidSafe case for iPhone

TRTL BOT, designers of eco-functional iPhone and iPad cases, has announced the release of KidSafe, the first ever reversible iPhone 4/4S case, designed to protect your smartphone from damage while ensuring that apps and settings are inaccessible to children.

Ideal for families with young children, the KidSafe features a proprietary home button protective cover that prevents unwanted or mistaken access to the home screen, blocking the ability to access apps or settings.

Designed with protection in mind, the KidSafe features slightly raised corners, allowing it to protect against everyday drops or scratches.

The KidSafe is now available in charcoal black, arctic white and grass green.

Available at:
Price: $24.95


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