New iPhone friendly PA system from Pyle

New iPhone friendly PA system from Pyle


iPhone friendly PA system from Pyle

Audio equipment manufacturer Pyle unveils its new wireless PA system, featuring an 8-inch full range woofer, 300 watts of power and an iPod/iPhone dock.

The sleek unit comes with two wireless VHF handheld microphones for hours of karaoke enjoyment, and the guitar input on the front panel can even transform the PA system into a wireless amplifier for spontaneous jam sessions.

The iPod/iPhone dock charges the device while simultaneously playing music, and the 3.5mm retractable cable, for auxiliary input, makes connecting additional digital music players possible.

The wireless PA system also features a USB and SD card reader for convenient digital music playback, infinitely expanding the library of music options. It even has an FM radio with auto scan and preset options. The stereo RCA output allows users to connect to headphones for a private listening experience or to additional external sound sources and speakers for entertaining others.

Available at:
Price: $230.99


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