World Live Cams Pro: View live locations from around the globe! (Free...

World Live Cams Pro: View live locations from around the globe! (Free Promo code competition)


World Live Cams Pro iPhone App Review

Pros: I’m sure we would all love to travel around the world and experience new locations and places of interest. Obviously, the developers of World Live Cams Pro think so too and have developed this incredible app that allows its users to access 4000 live webcams from worldwide locations. 400 of these are in HD quality, which looks impressive on the large iPad Screen. The app only streams real live images and videos from cameras located around the world. Users can see cities, mountains, beaches, restaurants, airports and so much more! A fantastic feature from their latest version allows users to add their own private IP cameras from home, work, gardens, garages and outdoor areas of surveillance. This allows users to keep an eye on their most important places and stay tuned in to any unusual happenings that may occur. The map view, which shows thumbnail shots on each location, is quick and easy to use. Users can also ‘like’ images and zoom into the camera image. Some webcams show the live time and date and feature both day and night live camera shots. This is an enjoyable app for any travel enthusiasts.

Cons: Some of the webcams take longer to load than others. The app should focus on more HD quality cams and places of interest, including world famous landmarks, cities, beaches and scenery. These will appeal to users more than offices and unknown roads, for example. It will be great to see this app develop with new locations and HD cams added.

Competition – Have your say!

The developers of World Live Cams Pro are kindly giving away 15 free promo codes to our readers. To win a free code, all you have to do is tell us:

  •  The city or town you live in
  •  A place you have traveled to
  •  Your dream destination

Please submit your entries in the comment box below. The first 15 entries will receive a free code. Ready, Steady……Go!

Best of Luck!


  1. I live in White Hall, California. Last year I spent two weeks at a friends, in the rain forest, on the big island, Hawaii. I have a special reason to want to visit Novosibirsk, Russia.


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