Trivia With Facebook Friends: Stick To Real Buddies

Trivia With Facebook Friends: Stick To Real Buddies


Trivia With Facebook Friends iPhone App Review
Bored of Words with Friends and just can’t seem to get in to Hang with Friends? Now you can play trivia with all your Facebook friends.


  • Fun quick facts given on every question
  • Part of the Game Center


  • Sign in through Facebook
  • Yet another game to play through Facebook
  • It’s not a standard Trivia game; it’s about your friends and only your friends.
  • The forced video advertisements, to remove them you must pay 99 cents.
  • 5 Levels, to get more you have to pay

Summary: Did not find this fun or amusing. Basically a bunch of useless questions being asked about your Facebook friends. Might be fun for tweens, but can’t see many adults really waiting in line to download this app. I suggest you pass.


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