Gravity Hook: Line and Sinker

Gravity Hook: Line and Sinker

Gravity Hood iPad App Review
What is up with games with pods and balls?

Gravity Hook is one of the better games I’ve played so far on the iPad. It’s a typical score as high as you can game with probably no end. And it’s pretty darn difficult, too.

Some of the most charming features of Gravity Hook is its retro feel, back to basics gameplay, music and graphics. Dark colored but cute graphics, you play the game by hooking onto pods that are hanging in the air. The objective is to go up and up and up as much as possible without losing your grip or being exploded. The little robot you control has a hook instead of a left hand and he shoots this hook at the numerous pods that hang above him. The robot pulls himself up with a slight boost at the end to go higher than the pod itself, setting you up for the next hook onto the next pod.

It’s not so simple as that though. There are a few catches. The first one is that if the distance between the pod and the little robot is too much, the chain/hook won’t hold and you’ll find yourself falling beneath the screen to an explosive death. It is possible to hook onto the more distance pods, though, provided you use the boost you get at the end of your present hook.

Second catch. Pods are color coded. Green, blue, black and red. There might be other colors but so far as I’ve gone (not very far) these are the only ones. Depending on the pod you’re hooked on, several things can happen. For the basic green one, if you touch the pod, the hook simply disables but there’s ample time to get another hook in. The blue one is a little more devilish. As you go nearer you’ll see a ‘warning’ flashing around the blue pod. If you touch the pod, it explodes and the game starts over. Avoid touching them while hooked. The black one simply falls down even as you are hooked. Touching them also makes them fall down. The red one can be a little annoying. Hooking them doesn’t make it do anything, but if you touch any of them (while hooked to other pods), it WILL explode.

It’s a fun and really challenging game. So far I’ve managed to go only so far as a thousand meters, but I’m sure someone else will have a natural knack for it. Gravity Hook has really great graphics, and one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard. It’s very retro and vibrant and takes you back to the good ol’ days of arcade games.

There’s also another mode called Classic. Check that out when you’ve unlocked it. And let me know if you ‘tapped to give up’ too.

A must have for the casual game lover.


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