OrganiDoc: Managing Files has Never Been so Lemony

OrganiDoc: Managing Files has Never Been so Lemony


OrganiDoc iPad App Review

Pretty much everyone agrees that one of the biggest drawbacks with the iOS is that you can’t mess with the file system. Everything is more or less hard rooted with particular apps. OrganiDoc makes this a little easier. It’s probably one of the better doc readers out there, and one of the best thing about it? It’s integration with GoogleDocs.

You can connect your GoogleDocs account with OrganiDoc, along with Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, Public iDisk and a few others. You can then download the files to your iPad or send them to others through mail, or even print them out. It has a nice lime colored theme that’s easy on the way and the performance of the app is fairly smooth although it seems to act up now and then, but it’s never really a major issue at all.

I suppose one of the bigger kinks is that the default orientation for the home page is horizontal, but once you open a doc, it’ll be viewed vertically. And if you’re opening a lot of docs or just going back and forth, it can become annoying rotating the iPad so often. You can also manage photos and videos. And of course what file managing app is complete with an encryption system, and that’s always handy, though to be honest I’ve never found myself in need of that service, but I still like having the option.

As utility apps go, OrganiDoc is a fairly good app that isn’t necesasrily a must have, but heavy doc-users should definitely give it a try.


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