Tracks: Photo stories with friends

Tracks: Photo stories with friends


Tracks iPhone App Review
Tracks is a simple, fully-featured app that allows you to share photos between you and friends. However, this app is completely different to any other social photo-sharing app you have ever seen.

By creating a ‘Track’ from within the app, you are able to invite friends into it. You are each able to upload your own photos into the track, being shared simultaneously amongst the friends invited.

This app is perfect for when you’re spending a day with your mates. Start a track, and you can each upload your fun-filled photos to it. You’re also able to comment on the photos added to Track, even if they aren’t your own.

Tracks also allows you to plot the photos taken on a map. This nifty tool will help you visualise your days travels, and also find out where your friends took their photos.


  • Simple interface
  • The app is clean and simple. The sliding photo bars mean you can see the photos in the track at a glance, while keeping things nice and tidy.
  • Website Support
  • After you’ve uploaded photos to a track, you’ll be able to access them online. This means it’s easier to share your adventures with others, even if they weren’t there with you.


  • It would be nice to see Facebook Connect intergrated into the app. At the moment, you need to supply an email address to register for the app. It’s nice to have everything interconnected, but for those who don’t mind multiple accounts you’ll be just fine.


During the short time we’ve had with the app, we’re very impressed. A fully-featured app with a clean interface makes it a pleasure to use. Everything about the app just works, and it’s bound to be a hit with anyone who likes to document their days out with a surplus of photos.

The fluid display cars also make it quick and easy to use. Each icon says it all, so there’s no fumbling around, not-knowing what you’re doing.

Easily scoring 5 stars, we’re very impressed with this app. It’d be nice to see this reach the heights of other photo sharing apps like Instagram.



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